The 1975 concert



{Glitter ,glue from Kiko, on my cheeks and tip of the nose, I felt a little like rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, no makeup besides the glitter as it was so hot and everything would’ve melted anyways!}

Halla Friends,

I need to share this experience with the world, because it was my first real concert ever. Yes I am 18, no I am not ashamed of that fact, that at 18 it was my first. This year is just filled with firsts and new experiences and I have to say, I was so scared, that I would get a panic attack, but I did not. That’s life, my friends, going to a concert of a band you like and enjoying every moment of it without problems, without your psyche going crazy like always! I have to admit, I am not the hu-gest fan of the 1975, but I really like their music and so it was perfect, because if I wouldn’t have felt good, I could have gone without really crying, because it’s not like Angus&Julia Stone or Lorde or Jose Gonzalez or Birdie or all the other nice bands/musicians out there. It was the perfect opportunity to test it all out. This was the sleepless Saturday for me:

  1. Get in bed at 1 a.m in the morning after a birthday party
  2. Get u at half past 4 a.m in the morning to drive to the concert hall
  3. Wait for 7 hours in front of the concert hall to get special tickets in order to get in before anyone else
  4. Go to a flea market at 1 p.m and spend all your money on vintage/retro things
  5. Go home, shower and make a lunch pack
  6. Wait in front of the concert call yet again at 4 p.m
  7. Eat while you wait in line
  8. Get in at around 5:30 p.m and wait another hour until the first band starts to perform for half an hour
  9. Witt until 7 p.m until the magic happens and you can enjoy everything from the third row!
  10. Go to bed at half past 11 p.m and sleep

In total, I’ve slept 6 out of 24 h on that day. Graceful tiredness following the next day(s). Totally worth it tough, I enjoyed the atmosphere so so much, everyone happy, singing and beautiful as everyone put on nice makeup. They all had such a cool fashion style- grunge and rock-ish, not m style anymore, but still really cool! I was a little bit overwhelmed by all the beautiful girls and there were so little guys, haha! But I think I’ll get used to all these ‘cool’ kids by the next concerts.

Next Stop(s): Angus & Julia Stone and Lorde !

Which concerts have you attended so far? Have you dressed up like we did? Where are you going next/want to really go?

Much Love.







Moving On|Room diy’s


Halla Friends,

today it’s finally time for another moving progress post! Yes I know I am already done with my moving, but some of you were really interested in what I wanted to do, so I am sharing 4 little diy’s today for room furniture, vintage inspired of course, because you know me! Hope you are a excited for it as I am, I’ve already gotten so many compliments on my stuff, and in my opinion it wasn’t at all difficult to make, cheap as well, so let’s get crafting!

Seashell Earrings-Holder

This isn’t really a crafting-project, but I upcycled my old seashells, that were really big (too big for another diy in this post) and now use them as the containers for my earrings. It’s as easy as that, grab your old seashells (or buy them a flea market or somewhere where they sell seashells) and put your little teeny tiny stuff in there, so pretty and now I am more tempted to change it up more often!




Now if you don’t want to ruin your vintage suitcase (that reminds me A LOT of Newt Scamanders), here’s the solution: Just use an old table, that might even be really low and small, as long as your suitcase fits onto it. Mine is overlapping at the sides as well, but I really like it that way, because you can’t see the edges too much! Then put anything in there, mostly stuff you don’t need everyday (for me, there are ALL my fabrics stored) and put your other stuff you need near your bed on top. You can even put boxes beneath the table, it’s so much space!

Fun Fact: Behind my boxes are actually two bottles of wine, that my mom bought my dad (one for him) and her (one for her) the year I was born and that she ave my dad to be drunk when I turn 18. We still haven’t done it, but it’ll be soon! I wonder if they even taste good anymore, because they were really badly bedded.


Hat Storage

Now this is my solution to my constantly growing hat-collection. I’ve grown to love hats in the winter time and I am planning on adding summer ones to my collection as well! It’s as simple as this: I took three cords (that you use to wrap a packet for more safety) and braided them, they should have about the length where you want to hang it up. This takes approximately the most time. then you hang it up and use wood pegs to hand up your hats! Done, no mess, happy hat-wearing.




This is probably the most difficult one, you need old vinyls (it would be best in the 3 different sizes, but I could only find two and it works as well), oval metal Rods with central holes (I got mine here), a oven and oven-proof bowls (ceramic)

Preheat your oven 50-75 grad celsius, turn around the bowl, so the bottom is facing you, then place the records on top of the bowl and put it into the oven. Have an eye out of it, it should form in a few minutes, then quickly (!!!) get em out, form them a little with your fingers and let them cool on top of the bowl. Repeat it two more times and thats it! Now you put together all three into a étagère . You can also leave the bowl (you can’t put them into the dishwasher or wash them with hot water as they might deform a little then!

I am storing my makeup in there now, but before that I used it for my fruits and spices. Have fun with all the day’s and let me know what you think of them!

Much Love.



feminist thinkin'

Liked body parts


Halla friends,

today comes the second episode of this kind of Body Positivity posts. Well last time I talked about exactly 5 parts I didn’t like about my outward appearance and to cheer it all up, today come the 5 things, that I really like about it!

  • Eyes

I’ve always really liked the shape of my eyes, they are a almond shape and I also really like my eye color, they have a really nice marble swirl, which looks really pretty and I always liked my lashes, for they are naturally very long and when I apply mascara, people think I wear fake lashes, haha! So my glasses are hiding my eyes a little bit and I’ve always been self-concious about having to wear glasses, but I love my new frames and I am never going back to contacts again (well not on a daily basis, I think) because after one year of wearing them, they really hurt my eyes. I am on the lookout for another pair of cute vintage inspired glasses to add to my collection and to be a bee to switch it all up a bit. Never be ashamed of your glasses, braces, ear-aids, or anything that helps your health or helps you in any way!

  • Lips

Many people have told me, that I have a nice lip shape. Well I wasn’t so sure for a long time, I always wanted bigger lips, like Candice Swanepoel or some supermodel, but thankful enough, I am just me with my lips. And I’ve grown to like them now, I thin they are quite nicely proportioned and what really helped me, is to embrace them with lipstick! It’s my favorite makeup-item, as it changes so much and makes me really happy to wear. There are so many colors, it brings out every lip shape and draws attention to the lips, too! I like my lips now, especially with a deep berry lipstick applied!

  • Hair

For this I mean all my body hair. I am okay with it, surely I have time when I wish I had my childhood curls back again (that wish is so real right now), and I also love ginger hair, but I’ve always liked my hair color and also how it falls. I now really like my swirls, because they add a little funk to my head and I also like how my hair feels. It is really healthy and soft and I don’t even use conditioner. My hair has gotten darker and darker over the years, which is really weird, but I always loved how it had that golden shimmer in the sun! I am really experimental when it comes to hair cuts. I basically had every length by now and I love my pixie how I like my shoulder-leigh hair! Coloring your hair mustn’t mean, you are hating it, just that you’re evolving and trying the most you can! It has got nothing to do with hating the hair.

  • Belly and Waist

I actually like my belly and waist. I don’t see nothing wrong with to, sure I have my trouble after a great feast, when I have a food baby, but other than that, I was never like “look at my fat there, and there” and squeeze every little fat like it shouldn’t belong there. My waist has a nice curve, which is very feminine and which I like. While I like my belly, I don’t really like my legs/hips, but I am going to change that into loving the whole curve, not only the one, that looks tiny! I want to look like me and feel like me again. I have to admit, that at 14 I knew more of myself and knew more of what I wanted to do with my life and while I was already struggling with my figure, I never thought of not eating in order to lose my weight. I was me in my healthy happy beautiful state! Let’s embrace ALL of our flaws, gals (and guys!).



feminist thinkin'

Disliked Body Parts

DSC_0085Halla friends,

this post is a Body Positivity post, even tough the title doesn’t seem like it. Let me explain the situation. Every human being and maybe even the animals and plants (I mean who knows?) have parts of their body, that they don’t like. I’ve never met anyone com-plete-ly happy with how they look and that’s something I think girls struggle with even more than boys. But I can’t be sure since I am just a complaining girl, but my friends all have little parts, that they try to hide. because they are embarrassed of them. So this isn’t very easy for me, but I am going to list my most unliked Body Parts and then I am going to get over my embarrassment and show them to the world. I want to turn my thoughts around and make the flaws my lovely little beauty marks, that make me me. I want to fully accept myself. This is a journey, showing it in school, my friends, even crushes and such. I think it’ll be difficult, but the more I’ll do it, the easier it always gets and I’ll be 10 steps better at long myself how I am and not comparing too much anymore. I want to be myself and not live someone else’s life or ambitions. So here we go on this journey. Feel free to comment your disliked body parts and go with me on this journey!

  • My feet

I have always hated my feet. For as long as I can remember and I’ve always tried to hide them. Even when it was in the middle of summer and everyone was sweating, I was wearing socks and sneaker, only so that no-one would see my feet. You know what I’ve never actually heard someone say to me, that they are this ugly and what if, that’s no reason for me to sweat my feet off and feel uncomfortable, so I bought myself (after years!) some sandals and I’ve even worn them with friends. I’ve also tried to keep a little care of my toenails and the skin, moisturizing it and painting them. They are no beauty for advertisement, but I don’t care anymore now, the people like you for how you are!2.

  • My hands

I’ve also always been quiet self-doubting about my hands, they are no beauty and I thought for a long time, they were fat, when in reality, I have really small and delicate hands and finders. I also think, that they do not look as bad as I’ve always thought, especially when I take care of them, cutten them short and painting them in a natural color, like you can see in the picture. Definitely no commercial beauty, but they actually make great things as the blog name “Goldhände” (golden hands).

What do you think of them?

  • My legs

They are my main “problem”, if such thing is a problem (thinking the non eating-disorder way). I always thought and often think they are too fat and chubby and short and all in all not beauty. I want to change this mind-set so badly, because it has driven me into a eating disorder as well and I only ever look if my legs are fat in this jeans or those and it is so bizarre. Why do I complain, they take me everywhere again (now that I am healthy) and they are me. Especially in the Vintage/Retro Community, curves like my hips and legs are greatly encouraged and nothing to be ashamed of. Every body type is liked in that community and that’s also one think I love so much about dressing pin-up, rockabilly, all the old decades. Of course some girls and boys inspired by those decades also have eating disorders, but it’s much better than on the high fashion runways (aka. Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, H&M, etc.) I don’t want to hide it under very long skirts and dresses, but it actually really brings out my waist, which is nice. I want to be able to wear shorts and mini-skirts and pants, as well as dresses and skirts! (I think this is the most common problem for girls, getting that “thigh gap”)

  • My red cheeks

Recently I’ve heard someone say, that whenever she drinks alcohol, her cheeks start to turn red and pink, like she’s on fire and she actually really loves it and finds it very cute! That’s the same for me, just like in my case it is normal. If it’s hot or cold or if I am stresses or something (or alcohol of course) I get this really blushed cheeks and I’ve always hated them. But why, some people even paint this shade on themselves, because of beauty standards or something. I always wanted to have just a slight blush, but my genes just are different. It was something I always thought why other couldn’t like me, but that’s rubbish, embrace the pink!

  • My breasts

My boobs are small, that’s no secret and I’ve always wanted bigger boobs and thinner legs. But that’s just not how it works, and when I lost weight, I didn’t have much breast at all any more. Now they are back to my normal and I am okay with it. I’ve seen many people with similar breasts, who have boyfriends and friends and they don’t care. I just mustn’t fit some standard! I like the size now, I think, or I am going to like it, fully!

Much Love.


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Girl Crushes

Halla Friends,

today I’ll talk about the most amazing gals, that I’ve yet discovered and that inspire me so so much! Let’s get going and support each other, girls! They all inspire me on other loves, too. It not just, they have such a unique, retro and vintage fashion style. They are creative, maybe awesome music, do cosplays, make brooches or even sew clothes themselves. Let’s all follow them and tell me who are your inspirations?

|| I've been wanting to listen to some new artists! Suggestions, anyone??💘||

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|| Its May 5th and I'm in a turtleneck because it's cold outside…idk how to feel about it.||

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Grandma's porch hangs in this sweet little daisy number from @sweetbeefinds 🎀

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That’s it, finally, but I could go on like that for ever!

Much Love.


Blooming Head|diy


Halla Friends,

how ya doing? Today I share with you a little diy combined with ways to wear it: A flower crown. Actually it wasn’t that hard, but I’d really recommend you to use a different glue, than I did and you don’t need that many flowers, you really don’t.

I’ve been seeing those for so many years and I’ve always wanted one, but never made one, why? I don’t know, because they are just beautiful and completely cool. I am hoping to wear them to school one day! Now enjoy the inspo and the tutorial.

You need: fake flowers (dollar store/euro shop), (hot) glue (I used superglue and it wasn’t easy, especially getting it the glue OFF MY HANDS), a headpiece/band/ring, scissors

Use your scissors to cut off all the branches from the fake flowers, you want the tops and also the leaves. Then each arrange it on your headpiece and glue it on, I started with the biggest flower and added leaves for coverage and difference. Have fun!


I’ve worn it with a pink dress with a peter pan collar and added red lips to the look. I like, that the lipstick matches with the flowers!


Much Love.



Modern Flamingo 40s


What I am wearing: handmade one piece inspired by the wide legs of the 40s, vintage earrings, The Body Shop lipstick, Asos loafers, pictures by Teepüppchen

Halla Friends,

today you get to see my first pants, that I’ve successfully sewn myself! I’ve tried one pair before, but they turned out really bad. Now I am quiet happy with the outcome. It was much easier, because it is so freaking big and although for me it is inspired by the 40s wide legs, with the modern/pin-up twist of the quirky flamingo print, it is also really in style apparently, to wear really wide trousers. At least I see many people running around with it in my school and let’s just say, city students look after themselves and what they are wearing. So apparently I am a perfect example of a city student. But I don’t care that you see my bra straps on my photos, this is just authenticity, everyone sees the bra straps of other girls, because they are never where they should be : under the shirts.

My next tip for sewing your first pair of anything is to use elastic band if it doesn’t fit at the waist, it makes every catastrophe good, really it is a life saver! And have some breaks, listen to music, stop if nothing works out any more, maybe the next day or after you’ve slept/eaten a bit. I am just starting with getting more experienced, but I’ll be sharing all my tips on here. Next stop : the library for sewing books.

The fabric I got in Augsburg at the Restehaus and they have so so many great fabrics, it is unreal! Do visit this amazing city and make a schort sidekick for this shop, even if you don’t sew, you can get inspired by all the prints, colors, textures! I am always looking for good fabrics and so it was great for me, that I got some from a nice lady a week ago, be aware of what I am going to sew out of it! My next project is very difficult tough, so it might take me a while (well it woudn’t take my bestie Kathi a while, but as a starter, it will, haha).

What are you doing at the moment?

Much Love.







New Projects|Fashion, Cookbook, Posting


Halla Friends,

as I told you in my last post, I am contemplating, again!

Contemplating and sewing my life. This is also my new favorite word/phrase. Sewing my life together. I mean just read it and re-read it again and again, I’ve decided to live the life I imagine and that’s thanks to so many people, who you are going to read about next week this time!

Blog Content and Posting Schedule

I’ve finally decided, what I want my Instagram and Blog to be about. I’ve been struggling with my content these past weeks and I wasn’t at all happy, with what I created. I had so much inspiration, but I just didn’t feel happy about my outcome. Constantly comparing myself and making myself less, and that has got to stop! I now know, that at the moment and maybe in my far future even I want my content to go into retro and vintage fashion. That means, this is my blog about what I wore, entering the journey into 20s-60s fashion. Those are the decades, that (if I am hones with myself for like 8 years) inspire me the most and I love watching old movies, read old magazines and of old stories. The ladies and gents of those times are just the coolest of the block and it makes my heart flit and happy, when I wear clothes inspired or from that time! Let’s start this journey of 20s flapper sequins, 30s skirts, 40s trousers, 50s dresses and 60s rock n’ roll chic.

I am also trying to post regularly from now on, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 12 a.m will be a new post. I’ll post Outfits on Friday and Sunday and what is inspiring on my retro journey/sewing/diy-ing on Wednesdays, just some fun stuff while we have managed to get to the middle of the week! I hope to keep this up while posting at least once a day on Instagram, always  my outfit and something else if I have made/eaten nice food, seen a cool series or something, that inspires me, too! Wish me luck for that.




Yay! I want to get over this cooking slump, that I have been experiencing these past months (around 2 nayyyy) and I have ordered the classic french cookbook “Mastering the Art of french Cooking” by Julia Child. Yes, I did this after watching the genius movie Julie&Julia with Meryl Streep as Julia Child and yes I’ve gotten the plan to cook every recipe out of this book, but dear god, not in one year, I’ll give myself more time. If it’s just one recipe a week, then I am happy and enjoying some good french dishes. I mean who doesn’t love quiche, tartes, croissants, poulets etc.? Who? My friends are invited to join in my feasts!

Waking up

Next up I#ve got this plan not sleep in too long anymore, because when I’ve slept until 11 a.m. I am so tired, still and I cannot get my butt off to work a little. That’s maybe also a reason, why my time management isn’t the best at times, tough I do much stuff, but guess I could do with a little less stress. So waking up between 6 and 9 a.m. every day (around 6 for school days and around 8 for weekends and such). This is one task I guess.


Next up I really want to not only sew when I have school break, but also when I am in school, it should fit into my time management now and how else am I going to be happy, while improving my skills and providing content for my blog and my life?

Art , Books,Music and Fresh Air

I also want to make more art again, not like everyday, but I haven’t been drawing for like 6 months which isn’t satisfying at all. Like at all and I’ve become really bad, so let’s start that up again. Also I really want to play more on the Ukulele, but do you know this fact: I am so lazy. Get over it, gal! Now something that I let down a lot these past months is my love for reading, I’ve been getting into watching series and movies again, but I really want to read in the evening before I fall asleep, I think that’ll really calm me down, make me sleepy and ready for a next day. Finally I want to get outside everyday for at least 30 minutes, walking, riding my bike or even doing some sports, just some sun and fresh air would be good for my psyche.

Well it’s a lot, but now that I’ve gotten more time again, I really want to take on my hobbies again. The things that make me even happier!

Much Love.



Toucan Dress


What I am wearing: Handmade dress (fabric from Restehaus in Augsburg), pink Chucks, yellow socks (dunno), Colibris glasses {Pictures by Teepüppchen}

Halla Friends,

this is my new favorite greeting. Why? Because of Skam and the beautiful language Norwegian. If you haven’t yet started to watch this incredible series (currently my fa-vo-rite) please start! And don’t hesitate, if I love this series, you’ll too, because I don’t love all series, I really don’t.

The holidays are almost over, hell no, it’s Sunday and school starts again tomorrow. I think the hardest part will be to get up, you know I’ve tried getting up at 7 yesterday, but it took me 45 minutes to actually have my feet on the ground, I can’t go on like this! Maybe it’s because I went to bed later for two weeks, but well, I think I’ll get back into my routines! Speaking of routines, I am the queen of planning (and not doing…) and contemplating and routines. I always set myself up new goals, new unreachable goals, so what I am trying to say is, that I have new routines planned. Stay interested until Wednesday for my next post (this is a hint to a new routine ay!) Until then let’s admire this dress that I made in my school break. It actually didn’t take me too long and it wasn’t too difficult either, but I really have to practice more in making bodices, they are really hard to make. Still I think I am growing and well, I’ll take a trip to my library, to lent some good ol’ sewing books. I am not sure, if I want to leave the dress how it is, I think i am going to add a elastic band to the waist, so that is is more fittet, because it is actually inspired by the dress from Lalaland (this movie ahhh) and I want to shorten it, too, but firstly I’ll see how it looks fitted and then make some Cosplay photos and then contemplate again. Yup, I a contemplating, well if you want more contemplating, follow me on my Instagram _goldhaende_, I am the queen of ups and downs and I am not sure what my profile is about, but I guess, vintage outfits and sewing and food, like my three favorite things (leaving aside bicycling, reading, watching movies and series and painting, but I am so horrible in drawing right now, because I haven’t in months!).

Now let’s look at this dress and please tell me what you think of it!




Natural Makeup


Halla Friends,

today I show you my usual makeup, well it is my usual makeup, but I normally used the color adapting bb-cream from The body shop instead of Foundation. I am not sure if I really need it, but I only used a little tiny bit and I got some compliments on my look on that day, so I guess it just enhanced my features. Which is good, because I don’t like the overboard cake face looks, I like natural looks. A bit of eyeshadow or a signature lipstick is nice, too, but I wouldn’t exactly wear full face every day, just because I am too lazy, haha. How is it about you? I am just learning about 20-60 makeup looks and getting into makeup, really, so this is a start for me. I like it and I felt good with it. I love wearing lipstick, even if I don’t wear anything else, I think it makes everything more extraordinary, but on that day I just opted for lip balsam from l’Occitane.

This is what I used:

Catrice HD liquid  coverage foundation (blended it with a foundation brush)

Bronzer from Catrice in my cheekbones

Highlighter also from caprice on the top of my cheeks and under my eyebrows

Highlighter-pencil (old) on the inner corner of my eye and lower waterline

Mascara 30-day treatment from Kiko only on my upper lashes

Well that was it and I think it’s a good start, what do you think?

Much Love