So this is my first impersonation of the oh-so-beuatiful and talented (and depressed, I am very sorry, but we have so much in common then) Audrey Hepburn. I am currently really, really obsessing over her. I’ve red a biography in form of a book and I’ve even followed the look-alike anneliesvanoverbeek on Instagram. Oh how I wish everything I’d like to be and can would just be there already, ready for me to make. Thats not gonna happen, well until then I’ll hit the library tomorrow since it wasn’t opened yesterday and look for every interesting audrey book available and for any book really, that interests me. I am really in a reading slump. That needs to be changed. I don’t know why on weekends, I get very bored and sad, I don’t know why I am this, and I don’t know what to do anymore, it doesn’t help looking at too many talented people on the Internet and Sherlock can only keep me entertained for so long, I am not happy with my art, not happy. Maybe I should stop listening to Millow – Silver Linings…good the song is over, what’s next? Oh god no why must it be K.I.Z. ? Your problem if you lend this Cd from the library instead of some good old classic music. Mozart I’ll come tomorrow. Boom boom boom.

I really don#t know what I am talking, but maybe it’ll be funny reading it in a few years, when everything will be “better”. Sure thing, darling.

Darling the world is not pink and it doesn’t glitter either.

Au revoir

P.S. My resolutions are going fine so far.DSC_0116 (1).jpgdsc_0140dsc_0121



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