What I wore: jeans-Topshop Jamie ; scarf-Zara ; shoes-Dr.Martens ; hat-H&M ; glasses-colibri eyewear ; jumper-alcott ; shirt-brandy melville ; gloves-H&M (kids)


No I cannot do this, should I keep on working, if it just wouldn’t word? I’ve only tried to sew for one hour and yet every step I tried to do got out wrong, I had to cut everything open again and before sewing again I noticed it was pinned the wrong way again. That’s the situation when I ask myself, is it really right to keep on just for the sake of doing something productive? Is it actually that productive, if every time it turns out wrong and I’ll just get frustrated? No, I cannot keep on with this work, I am too tired, too distracted by everything that floods my head. I need to start this tomorrow morning first thing after breakfast. That’s the right decision and now I’ll nee to watch something for the brainless, meaning a series. Sherlock is my favorite at the moment, but isn’t it too much again? So it will Pushing Daisies, but before that on a cold, already dark tuesday afternoon at five o’clock I’ll first write this down, to clear my mind up. Besides there’s so much stirring inside me already. Food shopping in the morning, rearranging the room after reading a urban vintage book, receiving the hat delivery, hoping it would suit me. Talking about all the food of the last week, seeing numbers, filling out forms, receiving money, seeing people, too many people. All that on a cold and already dark winter day.

– January the 10th 2017


Today was weird, and full, I had so many things to do and I somehow was so tired just thinking about it. I red a graphic novel which I didn’t understand, even tough I only red it to overcome my reading slump, I just cannot concentrate on a good old novel. After that I felt very  bad, just not in a good mood and I did not very much like how I looked or whatsoever, I felt a little dirty. Not the kind you think now, but just gross, and thats always when I have to take a shower, with washing my hair, even tough I’ve already washed it the day before or even on that day. I don’t know if it’s becoming a tick of me, I hope not, but I have yet another masterplan now. Showering always in the morning, so that I am not tired and then to do my makeup. Practice is all it takes, I hope. Since yesterday wasn’t my sewing day, I figured I could do it today, and so I finished another 70’s dress, which I like very much. The fabric is just very soft and a beautiful metallic blue. Then I had a dew meetings and then I went to the cinema to see sing. I even ate some slated popcorn, which was hard, I was feeling very bad for it, a whole small packet, constantly chewing, but it was nice al right and it is good, that I made it. Now after dinner I only want to curl up with my newest obsession. Sherlock, my dear.

– January the 11th 2017

By the way, the photos were taken by my beautiful best friend Kathi from Teepüppchen, you can see her collaboration post here. She has the most beautiful pin-up style, I adore it!




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