What I am wearing: pullover-unknown, collar-by my best friend Kathi (handmade), leggins-Zara, earrings-flea market


I am hungry. How am I supposed  to handle this feeling. Being hungry, talking about food, talking about mealtime, eating in front of everyone, and even letting out that secret to someone I actually know, for one week. I am trying my best to be open, even when there are some people telling me I shouldn’t count on everyone and even tough I might want to bite my arse for telling, afterwards. But I am really good in doing just the opposite of what society tells me to do. I’ll do just the opposite. If fashion isn’t important to them, it’s to me. If fast fashion is important to them, it isn’t for me. Because it makes me feel very alive. And I am fighting for a cause of my own, I am fighting for the class trip to Mallorca, where we actually hike on the island. Am I allowed to be hiking for when I am still trying to eat normally? Probably not, am I fighting for that wish tough? Yes!

A lovely girl in my school told me today, that she really liked my outfit, that’ll follow tomorrow, and the one of today, she liked, too.  I am (secretly) so happy when she told me, because I liked my outfit as well and even tough it mightn’t be the most retro clothes yet, I am slowly creeping my way back int the timeless classics! I have so many ideas and ways of finding myself now that I kind of am coming into the vintage community, I am just great how I am and expressing myself through a kind of eccentric way. That’s what I love, when people like how I look (I am not going to deny that, because who doesn’t?) and the most important thing, when that also counts for myself. When I am confident in what I am wearing.

I went, with a few friends, to the Haus der Kunst on Sunday and it gave me a huge amount of inspiration in how I can do art, because the simple things are sometimes the best and it isn’t about perfection or the most realistic proportions (even tough I love that of course), it’s about letting out my feelings and that I can achieve by doing action painting and like these simple paintings. I am not going to draw any faces or body for a while, maybe animals or trees, but focusing on Impressionism and modern art. And I love planning what I am going to sew next, yesterday I sewed a dog skirt (there are one some buttons left to do) and now I am thinking about using some leftover fabrics for some projects (Youtube here I come).

Today was long, but good and hat’s also mainly because of the book I got to read for 3 free lessons I had, it really is becoming one of my new favorites: Solitaire by Alice Osman.

– January the 23rd 2017



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