What I am wearing: handmade skirt, dressy turtleneck shirt/jumper, C&A hat and for the first time without contact lenses : Colibris glasses



This skirt I sewed one and a half years ago, and today was the first time ever, that I wore it. I wasn’t sure if it would really suit me back then and it is big, but it also shows a very small waist, which is nice to see and this is a style I like. I don’t have to think about how I look in those jeans (a sausage-or german just presswurst) all day long. It is easier to feel comfortable in my skin, not showing off those thin-thick legs, or what my mind tells me it is. I felt special in this outfit, I loved it and I kind of had a Audrey vibe, which is adding a little bit of sparkle to it as well. Other than that was this monday (warmer than the week before, thank god) very tiring, I was up all day until nine p.m. and then just as always got into bed with the Yves Saint Laurent film music in my ears. I am so tired and I know what is to come tomorrow. And the day after that and on this very special day at the end of the week – Friday. And no, it’s not “just” the weekend, but that too 😉

– January the 30th 2017


I got nearly everything done today, that’s nice but I feel totally worn out, and it’s just the middle of the week, how can that be? I need power for Friday and Saturday! At least I got two nice cookbooks and a book about 20s fashion in the library today and the dinner was quite good even tough I was very afraid of it and even tough there was a ruff discussion beforehand. This was a nice day, I love Wednesdays, I thought even as I waiter for 20 minutes for a subway, oh the subway traffic at rush hour, we are getting to hinging standards. I love Wednesdays and finding nice things for myself, like those mandarines with the leaf still attached! It is the small things that matter the most! And the outfits, being warm and laughing a lot.

– Februar the 1st 2017



one tow three for five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen

School was just plain old boring today and showed me the total contrast of how fun lessons can be, of yesterday. This reminds me of the song, yesterdayyyyy all my troubles seemed so far away, now I need a place to hide away. Take this big old pink jumper, no-one tough me or I’m turning from just chilling to just killing. Let me introduce me, if you cried one other word I might have to (be) Scream. Not gonna lie, the noise in school drives me crazy.

That’s about all I’ve got to say about today and that my nose itches, because I am getting ill.

– February the 2nd 2017



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