Birthday Gal


I insist on saying I was never happy about my birthday, that sudden attention for something so…normal. It was just the day I came to this world to take it over. Hey guys, this is mine now, thank you very much and no I don#t want to eat, oh I see this red line trough my life, but today not! I am the queen and as a real adult queen I invited my best friends over for some children games, pizza, laughing, party hats, my kind of music and – of course, darlinga delicate piece of cake (imagine that last part like a true British toffee nosed lady).

My way of having a happy birthday (not those sad ones I was used to celebrating):

  • if you drink alcohol or not, invite your friends for a party
  • play board games like in the good old days
  • celebrate your 18th birthday (or any really) like a child, pictures from today will be up soon, so you can have that 8- year old melancholy)
  • eat a chocolate cake
  • buy yourself some flowers
  • tell everyone beforehand that on that day IT IS YOUR FUCKING BIRTHDAY so no-one can forget
  • invite your friends even tough they live someway away, don’t think you don’t deserve them taking a train and visiting you for your special day
  • friendship rests upon giving and taking
  • buy party hats and sweets for the guests and also a crown for yourself

It’s my day today and this is the first time in years, that I am sincerely exited for it, I really hope this is going to be a fun evening!



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