I am wearing: H&M cardigan, Topshop Jamie trousers, Dressy turtleneck, handmade (by my bestie Kathi) collar, Colibris glasses


I am tired, I am tired, but this weekend has been one of the best in the last months. There were some dramatic or not-so-great moments, but overall my birthday was very nice. I mean I had 4 friends over, so it was a rather small circle, but it was so fun, playing all the children games and eating pizza and Bertie boots every flavor beans. And my friends liked my chocolate cake. Chocolate is key, which I am only seeing now, that I allow myself to eat it thoroughly. And yesterday was nice too, I slept a lot and I ate sushi, which my dad made for me and well I went to a real party. I haven’t been to one in months and months and months, I need to socialize more, I really do, but I guess I am slowly but thoroughly learning and I really feel like January has been such a change for me. New school, new home, new things, new friends, new ambitions, new tasks. I am doing quite well and I am eating more and more normally, which I am very proud of. It’s one of the keys to happiness. And people told me I have a special style, which is like one of the biggest compliments you can give me. I am getting better in figuring it all out.It’s still weird for me to talk so openly about my problems, but it feels so right, do you know what I mean and it is also really weird to see so many special people and so many inspiring people and trie not to feel sad about oneself and it still feels weird, to photograph myself again post it on this blog. But it feels so right. And it makes me happy and I want to keep it up and see how many people I can meet trough it! So many amazing people o this planet, just the thought of it makes me crime, literally. I love people and I really do love life again. I am happy. That makes me happy. And I have a sewing-list and it is getting warmer, which is so so nice. I could just list all the good things right now, but let’s stick to it’s the weekend. I love the weekend, so chill!

– Februar the 5th 2017




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