Handmade update | January 2017


You know I am kind of copying my best friend Kathi with this post, ut she is my biggest inspiration. She helps me so much, she is my best friend and trough her I got back to sewing and it is doing so much good to me. This is what I made this month…in the cold cold January. Well I know it isn’t very much, but is something, for a start I think I am doing quite good and I have very ambitious plans for this year. At the moment I am sewing a blue shirt out of the Cinderella fabric. I hope you’ll enjoy and what would be your favorite piece, if I get a comment… 🙂

The first dress you see is my birthday outfit. I wore it on my 18th birthday party (which was a very childish birthday, but amazing nonetheless) and I really really like the outcome. Many people gratulated me on the dress and that made me so happy and feel very special.

The second thing I made is this pleated skirt. It is out of Ikea fabric and a very strong, not too flowy fabric. I like it just because of the way it sits and that it is a quite unmoving fabric and oh my god all those dogs! Can’t wait to wear this so soon!!!

The last thing is something I’ve put in a corner, because I worked so long on it, but everything I did, was wrong. So after a few courting words from my sewing expert I decided to come back to it, when I am a little more practiced. I have many things in my mind, that I want to do, but I also fear, I can’t do it, but I must be brave and just trie it nevertheless!

Until soon!dsc_0065



One thought on “Handmade update | January 2017

  1. los felicito por star en estemedio tan importante y que con tinuen adelante, todos los parabienes son para ustedes y exitos y muchas pero muchas felices navidades que el se&olitde;nr les regale en el nuevo año mas y mas sabiduria en todos los proyectos que emprendan abrazos.



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