On Wednesday we wear pink


What I am wearing: eBay sweater (Gildan, sadly too big, really), white blouse, Topshop Jamie jeans, handmade (by kathi) Collar, Colibris glasses

No I have never watched mean Girls, yes I am really wanting to even tough it is quite clichee and probably the most african film, but I don’t care. Pink is a nice color, I wore pink every day, when I was little. Kind of every day, but it the time, when my friend Kathi and I had that Lillifee phase it was quite often. Can I just say I scared off a boy on my very first day of school by wearing a all-over pink outfit, he had to sit next to me the whole day and the weeks coming. Sorry, not sorry. Those are the kind of memories, that just stick to my mind.

Well the real reason, why I wore it, was because I was tired, cold (IT’S FUCKING COLD HERE, I WANT SUMMER) and I wanted some comfort, I still do not know how to wear vintage in the colder months, but I hope, I’ll be better next year. Definitely.dsc_0052dsc_0054



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