Staying cozy


What I am wearing: Alcott sweater, handmade skirt, dressy turtleneck, necklace from sardinia, primark tights, colibris glasses


Okay, these pictures are taken a while ago, when I wore my skirt for the second time, but the temperature meanwhile is the same. I really am waiting for spring so so badly, I hate that wind going into every opening of my clothes. It is so cold, that everyone doesn’t look at one another anymore, everyone has just got their destination in mind, the warmth. In my case it is the school, because a new Monday has come and I am destined to revisit it. Yes I write revisit. At least we red Oscar Wilde’s The Important of being earnest in english class, which is just hilarious and I really like it. That was one of the spare times of the day, where I din’t wear my “winter” coat, in class. Because I was warm after hurrying to school and climbing those stairs, but then the tiredness of my last nights lack of sleep came back. No I did not binge-watch anything, nor did I read or paint or (yes that would have been great) glued my shellfish onto my mirror, not I slept at 9 o’ clock, because I was exhausted after a full sewing day and a little fellow where I live waked me at midnight, then there was the siren and then I had to go to the bathroom. To be able to sleep then, only my iPod was the solution. Better than medication, in any way. So that is my sleepy me, sitting in class, getting asked questions, looking invisible and then reading the book thief in a free hour. I nearly fell asleep in that time. What has gotten over my body, why am I not able to read anymore. I really was so so exhausted and I felt drained, like 100 pounds were weighting me down, like I couldn’t even stand up for maths class. It all felt too much, math class, eating, reading, blogging, going home, not being myself, being myself, not going to disneyland, planning the week, appointments. So I answered some chats, and I felt down, but then we had maths class and then I knew I was allowed to go home and suddenly I had energy again. What the freak are you doing to me, body? Now I am blogging, sorting out photos and I’ve even already remade a Spotify account, because I really love music, and thats the place to go and find it all. My mission today is to edit some blog photos, go to cooking class, watch scum and glue some shellfish onto the mirror as a meditative aspect of the day. Not packed, not tired at the end. Oh and I started watching Coraline yesterday, which is kind of scary, how did I watch that as a child and not get a trauma, well I sort of did, din’t I? I am facin’ me fears.

– February the 13th 2017dsc_0038dsc_0037



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