This is my valentine. It’s my new Vendula Sewing shop satchel, which I got for my birthday from my mum. I have waited for a satchel edition from Vendula, that I truly adore for it might be a year now. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted the Sushi Bar bag or the The george bag, but when I saw this in my bestie instagram feed, I knew that my time had struck. I am in love with this satchel now and I feel so special and feel a energy-boost, when I wear it. Because this bag is incredibly cute and one of a kind. For me it resembles more than a bag, but my motivation to sew as much as I want to and accept it as a hobby which isn’t only for those who’ve done it for years already and might have mastered it better than myself, but it is also my hobby. Something that I like to say is me, like it is another person, too, just in my way, it’s me. It’s my daily happy reminder of what makes me happy and I have so much creativity in this direction, I don’t eve know with which clothing piece to start. What makes you you, I ask.

– Februar the 14th 2017



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