Dotted blouse


What I am wearing: Toyshop Jamie trousers, handmade blouse, Daniel Wellington watch, brooch from venice (?), Colibris glasses


Oh hello Wednesday, I love you. I love these days, I only have 5 hours of school one of which is english and two of which are art, my absolute favorite subject. Even tough I slept so badly this night, I am really thinking I might have my midlife-crisis or my bedding is too warm, because at actually awake at night, because it’s so hot, even tough it is so cold outside. My body is confused as hell and I have decided that for me it is spring now, so I wore something light and airy, and my new brooch. It is a italian brooch, from venezia, that I got from my best friend as a birthday gift and as it’s my only brooch (right now, hopefully) I am wearing it whenever I feel like it. Just like the collar you can add to any outfit, it is with this brooch and with both things, I have the same problem. Oh and might I add warmer coats and skirts and shirts and dresses. I have too little, ha okay the minimalist would probably be happy about my clothing rack situation, I am basically wearing the same things (trying to change it up by mixing it all around), washing them and wearing them again. Oh I am so in love with fashion at the moment, and as I am now okay with it being my obsession – weather it is superficial or not, I don’t care anymore – I am always happy to see new Inspiration in the shops, on Pinterest and on my friends. And I think my imagination is really blossoming now, that I am doing what I love and I feel so much better. Do keep in mind, that this was said on the very best of work days of the week – the Wednesday. Now I am changing my bedding to something lighter, tidying up my room, cleaning the floor, eat something, look for more glue sticks to finish my seashell mirror (which was so nice making yesterday evening while listening to the audio book, “Good reasons to stay alive” by Matt Haigh) and sorting my clothes into the drawers, then I have appointments and in the evening I’ll finally read something again! Oh and I need to write something as well. You see my day is packed, but it’s a beautiful sunny day – a Wednesday.

– February the 15th 2017




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