St. Patricks Day colors

What Idsc_0003

What I am wearing: hand knitted dress/pullover from my granny; Primark tights, classic white blouse from my mom, Colibris glasses


I feel like Peter Pan when I look at this picture, because it just reminds me of this little guy with tights, that’s just how I wore this knitted piece. With a pair of thermo tights and as a dress. It’s not quite long enough to wear it as it is – without tights or pants – but I thought why not change it up from time to time and I am really digging wearing skirts and dresses at the moment.

Tonight I dreamed that my mum had the DVD version of Lalaland (which ich love) and when I came nearer to examine it, it suddenly was the Disney animation version of beauty and the beast. She was watching it and then there was the trailer for the new B&theBeadt movie with Emma Watson, which totally confused me. Somehow I see the parallels between Lalaland and Beauty when they are dancing and well that’s kind of funny. What am I dreaming right now, it’s so so confusing and sadly also tiring because in the morning I awake really tired. What made me happy this week was, that I had so much more free time and that I am enjoying my life. I finished my mirror and I even heard new music. This changing-me at the moment is hard, but it feels good to think positive and to be a little egoistic, too.

– February the 16th 2017dsc_0005


One thought on “St. Patricks Day colors

  1. I believe he’s saying some other folks were, and gently and cleverly requesting they knock it off before he busts His out. And I agree, I had a great time but don’t do so well with things that go ‘bang’ and ‘pop’, and doubt they combine well with traffic safety. Please, folks, no fireworks.



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