Parisian flair


What I am wearing: Dorothy Perkins top, Tally Weijl skirt, C&A hat, Colibris glasses, Sixx earrings, Primark tights


I feel very confident today, not only because of my outfit, which you’ll see next week, but also because it is a spring day! It is cloudy, but it is also sunny and you cannot believe how this has lifted my mood. I cannot believe it myself, but as some people told me last summer, that they really sensed a happier me after being outside, I sense it now, too. It is weird how my body works and yes I did think too much again. I thought about Skam and how eating potatoes and fruit would make me more livelier and give me more energy. Well I asked my nutritionist and I told her about my (in-my-head) food catastrophe I had last Friday and well it is all much more sorted now. No one doesn’t get more energetic by eating a heck load of potatoes. to even if there is apple, banana, kiwi and pear added to it, what a delicious combination that would be? You see, my sarcasm is coming back, bear with me, and I’ll raise the sarcasm-flag whenever I think it is just not obvious to the unpracticed eye.

Why can’t I seek help, when I need it and kind of tortue myself with my own thoughts. If I have to think, why can’t I think positively? Well I red so so many positivity sentences and cheesy fortune cookie sayings, I am basically a bible again and well they help. Somehow. On Saturday I will make an awesome post and I have so many subjects I want to talk about, so much to say and share, I am basically pouring over, now that I am feeling better.

I love good weather and I just love living, when I am not on my period and when I get 9 points, which is a C+, in my french exam, and I didn’t even revise anything and well, normally I am a heck load worse! There is air up, but there’s also so much air down.

You might be asking yourself, why is she this happy, because of a bad grade and king-of spring weather in February, well actually I only had two hours of school in total, because everything else was cancelled, so I sat in the big hall and red Cinder, which is a very fantastic novel. Might not be my favorite, but I like it nevertheless and I am happy, because I didn’t get too tired by reading it and I actually am quite good in reading again. In two days I’ll finally read Girl Online:On tour, as my friend and I have this very little 2-person-bookclub, but it’s fun nevertheless and if anyone is still reading, has red this at all and does like to join, I think there might be a way! I love clubs and I love discussions and this all makes me happy! Spring, do come faster and butterflies, do come as well!

– February the 23rd 2017dsc_0127dsc_0122


5 thoughts on “Parisian flair

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words! I have “only” been blogging again for 2 months, but t feels so nice and I love the vintage/retro community. I am still figuring my style out, but I am very content at the moment, only that my wardrobe is quiet small and I am in love with so many pin-up styles and outfits people wear on instagram! This comment means very much to me, because I am always doubting myself and never thinking, that my work could be liked by someone, but I am getting better with each blog post and I am grateful for people like you! xx

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      1. Yes, I really love the vintage style and the colours you wear! I wear a bit too much black, and sometimes it’s nice to remember to add some colour. I can relate, my wardrobe is small too, but perhaps it’s part of my goal to have more minimalism 🙂 I’m so happy that my comment could speak to you, and I look forward to reading more of your posts! ❤

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      2. oh thank you so much! I really love more colorful clothes now, but I used to wear much more black and natural colors as well! But now it kind of represents my personality more. I think a minimalist wardrobe is very good and one doesn’t need this huge variety of clothes to style like one wants, but I also like having the option to wear just how I feel like on that day and I love big wardrobes of people, but I don’t want to expand into infinity, haha! I was away, that’s why it took me so long to post and answer you, but now I am back and hopefully writing more again, it feels so good, that someone is interested in my words 🙂 ❤

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  1. that’s wonderful! I find it’s great to add colour, and I completely agree. We do not need a lot of clothes to express ourselves, but it’s nice to have a variety to choose from, but not a massive one! I’m happy to read your posts and follow your style 🙂 🙂

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