White lace


What I am wearing: H&M shirt(s), F21 dress and a grey Tally Weil skirt underneath, primary tights, Sixx earrings, The Body Shop lipstick


This is the first time in such a long while, that I have used gimp to edit my pictures again, and I am really not sure about the result. But practice makes perfect I guess and I wanted to change the blog post up a bit. As I am always only taking outfit of the day photos I figured, I should post one bigger article once a week if possible, where I also talk about a special subject, that concerns me or is close to my heard, aka won’t get out of my head.

The next a few weeks I’ll be writing short stories about Eating Disorders, Happiness, feminism, Body Acceptance and Confidence. These are either things I lack in, have built some understanding in or I am battling right now and just want to get a message out there. Keep an eye out for next weeks post, as i am still deciding on which subject I’ll take.

I am always quite stressed out when I feel unorganized and unproductive, in the end, I always think I messed the whole day up, or that I am a bad person. But that is not true. Why should I be a bad person just because the things I wanted to sew weren’t finished by the time I was too tired to function anymore. Why should I be a complete jerk because I forgot, that the shops were closed because of the carnival (which is over now, thank the lord). And why should I be a failure, because I didn’t do half the things I had intended to do on that day? It isn’t true. Not every day is the same, not every person is the same and today, after I’ve cleaned everything in my room and the living room as well for a total of 5 hours (YES 5 HOURS), I feel that not everyday can be a 100% day and practice makes better and everything need some time to get better. I cannot change my style in one minute, I cannot sew a new closet in 2 months for which even my best friend took 2 something years and I cannot think I’ll be healthy in eating in just 3 months neither. But the idea is good, the idea is good, to work for something I believe in and what makes me happy, in the end. And so today after the hard work of half-redecorating (the other half is going to be done next week, when I have all the supplies I need for spring) and cleaning, I am going to indulge in the finest looking cake in a pretty cafe, go to my dad and maybe watch an amazing film as the grand Budapest hotel or one or two of the last episodes of Pushing Daisies (which is too cute and too beautiful and filled with great inspiration for battling anorexia). And tomorrow is a new day with new things to discover and I have so much time to do all the things I want. And you do too!

– March the 2nd 2017dsc_0059dsc_0060



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