Orange tones


What I am wearing: vintage 70s jacket, flannel second hand (from pick and weight in Berlin), H&M lace shirt (old), Topshop Joni Jeans, Sixx pearl earrings, Colibris glasses

I’ve set myself the goal not to think about too much at the same time. In order for that thing, I write myself to-do lists and I trie not to be bothered, when I can’t achieve everything. I’ve noticed, that when I set myself times for thinking about that subject, e.g. I have to move in around 3 months, again and I don’t know where or when exactly or how or just it’s all a big question mark and that frightens me, I have told myself not the be bothered with it, while I still have so many other things to do. School, sewing, friends, going out, therapy…. therapy! My main subject should be therapy, yet again, I think about so much all the time and then I get very very worked up. It’s much to do, but when I part it into brackets and tell myself not to think about that moving-problem for the next 3 weeks, until I have holidays and time to take actions, I get much more light-hearted. And I tell myself not to push me too much, it’ll all work out in the end and that way my concentration got a little better. I managed to say something in classes and generally talk more, which then again makes me happy and feeling alive.This is the feeling I love the most, that I feel okay with what happens and I feel okay with the stress level, even tough last week, I thought, I wouldn’t be able to live through this week. I hope to publish my next short story tomorrow and I want to share some tips on wearing brighter colors and feeling more confident. The next subject is self-care and I’d love to write more in-depth posts, every day or every few days. And on my journey on body acceptance, I’d like to do a weekly-post. Oh my inspiration is just flowing at the moment and I feel good, nanananana.

Do tell me in what you are most interested in hearing!?




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