Handmade Update | February & March 2017 feat. mood swings


{A babydoll dress that you’ll see in action soon, I hope}

I want to be real honest with everyone now. With everyone, because that’s the only way not to feel down about everything. This day started like real shit and I feel so used for all. Yesterday was so nice and I was really positive about blogging and stuff and watching good youtubers and being body positive and thinking about my bright future, but today everything just started wrong. I overslept 5 minutes, so I got up at 7 o 5 with a holy fuck and missed the weighting. God knows what I weight after the junk-eating-week-of-Italy-school-trip and well I’ve not seen my weight for 2 weeks and I was kinda scared about it and now I fucking missed being weight by the nutritionist by 5 minutes. And you know what, my roommate could have waked me, she could have done that, that wouldn’t have been a act for her, she is already awake by 6 and might I mention, that the only think she has said to me since she returned from home on Sunday is “Can I borrow your cartons”. Because she’s fucking moving out on Thursday and of course I said yes, I even felt bad, because they might be dusty. You know what, she doesn’t help me with anything and I feel used as shit and I am not in the mood to lent those freaking boxes to her. She can figure her way out and be nice to some people from time to time, because she never is. That’s settled, I’ll tell her today and if that’s going to drown my Karma then I don’t care. That’s her Karma today.

Next thing I wanted to take my oh-so-important smarties and because I am living in a flat where every kind of medicine must be locked away I have these strict times where I can collect my daily doses. When I was at the door, mind I was in time, even 15 minutes before time would be over, they were busy and I was not allowed to knock. Fuck this shit. The next thing I am told again will be that I have to collect the medicaments from 7.30-8 and not at 9 with the help of a different pedagogue. fuck this shit. Then I slumped into bed, watched meaningless youtube and finally got up to shower, because my hair dresses with which I want to make a appointment doesn’t open until 10-I thought they did at 8. Another Mistake and I don’t know this is just a bad start for a very exciting day. Gonna see my mom again, which won’t be easy, gonna ask if I can move in with some people in June, which will be even worse and then hopefully don’t forget therapy in the afternoon and then cook sushi with a friend and then watch a movie. The one I want. Only me.

And now you see the rest of what I sewed this month and last one, I don’t think it is much for 2 months but slowly learns the lama.


{made this shirt with blue buttons from the leftover fabric of my birthday dress}


{I have to re-sew this because it is much too small and it almost didn’t fit for the Harry Potter Cosplay, I am not sure if I can save it, but fuck it, then, it was just a much-too-big second hand shirt from pick n’ weight in Berlin that i wanted to turn into a babydoll dress/shirt}


{pleated skirt with a dog-fabric from Ikea}


{sewed this blouse more fitted and now it fits very tightly, I wonder how long and it has pouffy arms}



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