Mail Day #1|Erstwilder & Kate Gabrielle

I spoiled myself, this is so rare for me and now that I am living alone and I (can) do whatever the heck I want at 18, I am catching up on the whole spoiling and buying myself small presents from time to time. And of course I started off with pins, because I have a real lack in that category that needs serious filling! I asked my friend Kathi from teepüppchen 10 thousand times, where to get the best and she has a whole post about her faves on her blog, so go check that out, like I didd and finally I wanted  to feel like a little child and bought meself two mystery pins from Kate Gabrielle, which I both love to the moon and back! I wasn’t that experminentative, so I took one in the section books and one in the section feminism and I even bought another pin, that says “Clearly we’re soldiers in petticoats”. #feminism So let’s look at what came out from Kate Gabrielle and one pin from the lovely Erstwilder.

DSC_0307Package from Kate Gabrielle, and I covered my address with a lovely postcard from my bestie Kathi, who travels through scandinavia at the moment!DSC_0310The Petticoat-pin reminded me so much of Mary Poppins, I had to get it!DSC_0312“The Future is Female” (feeling the hippy-vibes) in the feminism-themed mystery pin packet and Bookworm” (quite accurate, I’d say) in the book-themed one.DSC_0300Erstwilder package, see the air mail sticker, isn’t it nicccce?DSC_0304And yes it is from the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches “Country”-Edition, with whom I’ve fallen in love since my friend showed them to me, they are just the cutest – and potter nerds as well!DSC_0306It is such a lovely big, cute, deer-rabbit and it just fits to me as this is a inside joke of sorts in my dads family. I had to get it, irresistible!

That was all for this time, but I’m hoping to let my wardrobe grow out some more and I have so much to catch up to, especially sweets! Much Love to you!



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