How to feel comfortable in your clothes



What I am wearing: Handmade blue velours dress (pattern from bursa vintage 70’s edition), Primark tights, necklace from sardegna, Pier One shoes and Colibris glasses, second hand jacket

This is a post in how to feel comfortable in your clothes and in what you are wearing, because that is one great way to eventually feel good with yourself, wholly. To me, dressing is a way of expressing my feelings and how I feel on that day, but I didn’t always feel like that. It was more like I wanted to fit in with everyone else, when I din’t, really. I wanted to fit in, but at the same time I wanted to stand out and do what the heck I wanted do. I felt bad for wearing eye-catching, colorful, vintage clothing, and on top of that for blogging about it, because I felt like my way of being wasn’t liked and I was just not really me. The first step to feel comfortable in you nothing is to go onto Instagram or Pinterest or anywhere and search for the style you admire the most and that you wanted to pull off, if you had 1. the courage, 2. the money, and 3. the time. But this time is invested well, because you won’t be criticizing yourself the whole time you are out and you can finally do all the things you’ve always wanted to do, without caring about what people think. At least for me, when I felt like I looked like myself and loved the things I wore, it was like a shield that blocked out most of the negativity in school or on the streets. I even wanted to go outside.

I had to dare myself to wear things that I had been loving on other people, but was too scared to wear in my daily life, because it was either too special aka. this blue velours dress, that I wore on New Year’s Eve, but then dared myself to wear to school, because I wanted to pull off the full me-style.t wasn’t easy, but you just have to buy or invest or sew like I did (that made it all feel extra special, as it was the only existing dress of that manner in the world) and push yourself as hard as you can to put it on on a normal work-day. You mustn’t start with going to school like the, incorporate title garments from time to time, but start with wearing a dress or a eye-catching jeans or jacket to go food shopping, or to go to the post or someplace public, but where maybe the people won’t know you by heart. Try making it every week and when you feel more comfortable, more days a week and for longer times, a whole day for example and slowly fill your closet with pieces you adore. Don’t be afraid to make a bad buy, that happens to everyone (or like me fail at trying to make pants myself), that happens to everyone in any age and circumstance. Get yo ass up and buy your first dare-item, invest in your happiness. At least to me, looking through my clothes makes me happy!

As I’ve already told you, this dress is handmade by myself and it is out of velours, kind of a special fabric to me, that I only ever wore on festive days. Now that was the point, I pushed myself to wear this at school, and I got so many compliments on the dress, which of course made me very happy and left a good feeling in wearing something I rarely wore in my daily-life, because I was scared to give the feeling like I was dressing like a clown. Make everyday a happy day.

Here’s a list of things I want to dare myself into making and/or wearing:

  • a pair of wedge shoes,that I own since 5 years, but only ever wore once, because I was afraid of what people would think of me (Would I be too girly? Would I make the impression of being bigheaded? Am i too young? What happens if I fall?)
  • shorts that I’ll make myself, this is very had for me, because my legs are probably the parts of my body, that I am most self-conscious about and that I mind the most
  • bandanas and head bands or alice bands, to me this is such an amazing think to accessorize, but also something, that really stands out
  • glitter on my cheeks, like my friend Kathi wears most on a daily basis
  • a fan-shirt, that I really like from Harry Potter, I am not too good to express my love for books or something similar that openly, but I love it when I spot someone sporting a hufflepuff-scarf in the city
  • highly fitted and more exposing shirts, that might even have a more open neckline, I am very self-conscious of showing too much and while I don’t have much breast, I have the (eating disorder) of feeling like I have to much flesh and fat and that jazz, so I trie to cover it up, but I think it would be good to trie and de-layer myself and slowly learn to feel comfortable how I look, no matter what
  • even more colorful clothing and more prints in general
  • recreations of movies, where I love the fashion, but that might be more retro fashion like Moonrise Kingdom, Dirty Dancing, etc., I have a yellow dress, that is really 60s-Twiggy-like and that I love so much, but am so afraid to wear
  • a full on 60s swing dress with a novelty print, that I really like, this is probably the hardest for me, because it means really standing out because of the pattern and the print, it has many colors in it and is nothing most teenagers wear at my school, basically none at the moment, but it’s what I adore the most

I’ll keep you updated on where I’ve dared myself to wear certain eye-catching clothes through posts!

What are your dare-clothing items?




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