Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat


What I am wearing: Primark alice headband, vintage blouse from Camden Market in London; having: Ikea plate

Oi, this is the first food-related post on here and it is kind of scary for me – having (had) problems with it and having posted many food related posts on my old blog. But as it is my hobby and this inspired by the amazing Grand Budapest Hotel movie made by the inspiring Wes Anderson, I thought I’d give it a shot again. Let me tell you, I made this Courtesan au Chocolat for my family, when they visited me and it took a helluva lot time to make – and it didn’t turn out quite like the original version.

The Reasons / My tips on improving the first try of the Courtesan au Chocolat:

  1. Have a piping bag for the chocolate mousse at home, don’t ry to recreate one with aluminum foil and a plastic bag like I did, won’t fork
  2. When you plan your time on doing this and you say “that is only going to take me 3 hours”, double that time and you might have a realistic time
  3. Use the exact ingredients and grams, I used a english recipe, the original recipe from the movie, and well I didn’t use the real measuring cups, but a good old german cup (won’t work), next time I’m going to look for a german recipe for choux pastry
  4. Do not make the Icing, you know the pretty colorful stuff on the pastries, too runny, or else you won’t really tell, that it should be looking green and violet and blue,…
  5. Only leave the pastry in the oven for how long it says, it won’t taste good, if you let it in for longer, like I did, they’ll harden, when they cool!
  6. Have fun while doing it all and don’t take everything too seriously, it mustn’t be perfect!
  7. I used the chocolate cream to attach the tree pastries and left the while chocolate decor away, because I was so done at the end and just wanted it finished, hah!
  8. Maybe work on it with a partner

Here is the recipe, which is an extra of the film and I used it as my guideline, but feel free to use your own choux pastry recipe and watch these cute Mendl’s inspired videos on Youtube as well:

The Grand Budapest Hotel MENDL’S , Courtesan au Chocolat : Honeykki

DIY Mendl’s Patisserie Cake box – Easy! Make your own! – The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel Mendl’s Van Gift Cake Box *DIY*



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