My Future Dog-Life


What I am wearing: handmade skirt with ikea fabric, hand me down blouse, Primark tights, Colibris glasses

This was actually my contribution to a Ikea sewing contest, unluckily I didn’t won, but I still love this skirt to the moon and back. It is my part of wearing my obsession, a obsession that has been permanent for years – dogs. I am always dreaming about when I am older, I want to have this small house with a big garden, that is a little messy and just wild and I’d like to own a dog, at the moment preferably a Labradoodle (but I’d firstly go to the animal shelter and trie and save a doggy from there), with my husband or women that I ave married (I don’t want to limit this yet) and my two kids or more or less. That is like a good dream, where everyone would be happy and hopeful and loving. I know this is a bubble, but it is my bubble of hope and I like to dream myself into this beautiful life of going for a walk with my dog and making dinner and having legumes in the garden and roes and the grass, that is still moist in the morning. There are also down parts in this idea, but I won’t get into them yet, for now, let s just admire this happy, bubbly yellow dog skirt, that makes me look like a schoolgirl, which is okay for me. I love it.

And here is the tutorial, which is so easy and good, that I used to make this skirt.


Which is your favorite/spirit animal, or the one, that you dream about owning some day/already own?



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