Things on my mind


What I am wearing: H&M shirt, Vero Moda dress, vintage belt, handmade beanie, Colibris glasses

At the moment, or well, today, there are too many things on my mind. For example how the meet up with a very good friends went horribly wrong yesterday and how I (of course) blame entirely myself. Then there is this moving thing, I am moving in two months, yet again, and I am super excited for it, but there’s also so much to plan. I’ve now got the idea, that I really want to paint the room before I move in and I also need some things, like a bed, mattress, lining, clothing rack and some legs for my suitcase to turn it into a cute drawer-thing. Well I’ve kind of decided on the colors and on which clothing rack I want and I definitely will turn my dream of a metal bed into reality, but I have the slight feeling, that buying a mattress won’t be a cheap undertaking and it’ll all sum up to a good old amount. A amount that I am kind of, but kind of not willing to spend, but if it turns out like a Wes Anderson bedroom, I will be satisfied. I’ve got this idea, that I want to share all this with my fellow readers, even tough you might not be interested, I’ll do it for myself, but I am also not sure when I’ll find the time to go and look for all the things I need. At the same time, I am kind of hoping to get into posting more recipes again, I’d love to create nice meals and share them with you. Vintage-decorated tables and old-fashioned, good-for-the-soul recipes. I really want to post ever day, but I know this isn’t possible, having school and schoolwork and therapy and having to care for myself and my life, but I’d just love to post one recipe, one well-shot outfit, one post about body-positivity (you know, this is my therapy) and one handmade post a week. The rest, I’d love to fill with outfit-of-the-day-posts or Hauls or things that Inspire me or that jazz. How do you feel about this? And while I’ve gotten better at finding my clothing style and feeling more comfortable in my clothes, I’d really want to get into beauty. I just want to enhance my face and bring out my feature, I don’t want to hide anything or copy a face of someone else. To me it is just another form of art and I think a interesting makeup is beautiful and daring! So my plan is to get my eyebrows plucked, somewhere, for the first time (because I really don’t know which shape is the best for me) and to really start my beauty routine, that I set for myself. I’ll start sharing, when I get more confident, or maybe I’ll start sharing now and will get more confident. Okay so this would be my post plan, that I’d love to get into: Fashion post, Beauty post, Food post, Body-positivity post, DIY post, Inspiration/OOTD-posts on the other two days. Dunno when I’ll start, but that’s the plan.

Next thing I want to get away is that I get payment today, the first time in 3 weeks and I am not sure how much it’s gonna be, but I guess it’s the most I’ve ever had in my hands for years and I have to pay my missed therapies (yes we have to pay for having missed one) and pay back my pocket money onto my bank account as I’ve basically lived on that in the 3 past weeks and do not want it gone by spending it all in Augsburg on the weekend or something. I think I have to go food shopping and I have too much therapy and work to do. Cleaning again (the whole apartment), planning evenings, being scared of the week and even more scared of school in another week. I get so scared, because I suck at maths again (last year, I had the best maths teacher and somehow it clicked, but now…) and we write a test in exactly one week. I should probably start reading my french book and my german book as I have to write a test about the french book and a whole seminar paper for the german book. Yay! I can only say!DSC_0002DSC_0007DSC_0010


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