Penny Pincher


What I am Wearing: Vintage shirt from London Camden market, Tally Weijl skirt, Primark tights, bracelet from London Camden Market, Colibris glasses

Are you a penny pincher?

Probably no.

Or would you think about it twice.

Are you counting how much this yoghurt costs more compared to that one?

Are you deciding not to buy organic, because it’s more expensive?

Do you eat meat, fish, which kind? Do you eat dairy, which kind?

Do you shop by the things that are promoted?

Do you shop with a grocery list?

Are you angry, when someone does look on the price and only ever buys, when it is really cheap?

Do you get pessimistic or mean and say things you don’t mean to say to them?

Do you want to make them feel down?

Is it bad to try and save every penny or is it good to enjoy life and buy the things your soul is wishing for?

Does it matter, that the apples are more expensive this week, then last week?

Do you buy them, because you like them or because they are cheap?

Would you buy something you don’t like only because it is really cheap?

Where’s the problem in our society, we generally have the money for food and groceries, why are so many people penny pincher?

Why do we care so much, even when we have more than enough money?

Why don’t we enjoy life to the fullest?

Why do we not-buy something, just because we think it is too expensive or too unhealthy?

Why do we limit ourselves the the lowermost shelf?

Why do we care to save any food we can and then throw it away just because it could be out of date?

Who understands this irony?

Why do we think about the money when we invite people to eat with us?

Why do we stash away great amounts of food only because it is for free or very cheap?

Why do I?

Why do I?

Why do we?

That needs change. Come shopping with me, let’s look through our pantry, let’s all enjoy more of life. Food is for living and food connects people and it is a beautiful thing.




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