Amelie Poulain | Cosplay


This is my second Cosplay ever and while I really know it isn’t the best, I still think I look kind of like Amelie Poulin from one of my favorite movies ever.

Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain

My editing skills aren’t the best, but maybe just like that, that makes the charme. I thought in true style of the beginning of the movie, I’d share a few things I really like. The small things in life.

I love the smell of a summer thunderstorm. I like how it smells before it starts, the air has this really special moisture and how the tar smells like afterwards. Also dancing in the rain with your best friends, people you care about and have comfort in.

I like lying down after a long day under the open sky and looking at the clear sky, starts sparkling. This year I really want to see falling stars.

When you sit in the car, you’re sleepy and the radio plays a really nice song and you just feel positive about the future and enjoy the sight out of the car.

When you are somewhere at a party and everyone is enjoying themselves and you kind of take a step back and just feel the happiness of everyone.

Eating fresh-picked strawberries on the field.

Waking up in the morning and not knowing what day or time it is and just not thinking for a second.

When you met someone new and exciting.

When you open a mystery box.

The dust that is enlightened in cinema by the light of the film.

The smell of popcorn in the cinema or the smell of sweets at a fair.

When you are really cold and unfreezing with thick blankets, tea and a movie on the couch.

Blowing dandelions.

When you say the same thing as your friends at the same time.

Of course the crack of the creme brûlée.

Please share yours with me as well xx




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