Celebrate today


What I am wearing: handmade dress (Burda Vintage 70s), Primark tights, Vendula London Bag, Pier One Shoes, The Body Shop lipstick (I think), Colibris glasses, Accessorize earrings


Don’t you just love this windy shot of me? Well I am quite happy with how the pictures turned out, especially considering that we walked for what felt like hours, because the sun kept disappearing and it was so cold and windy. Today was a hard day, like every day, I guess, my back ache doesn’t seem to disappear any more and my body is failing me, so I am not sure weather to go to a doctor or not, but I wasn’t able to stand for longer than 3 minutes for the past 3 days and this feeling of very low energy felt so weird and wrong, of course. I have many things to work on for school and it only gets more, but I am positive, that I am going to rock this show. Planning the next 6 weeks and also looking forward to great things such as Ballett on Friday and the Berlin trip in July. I am also thinking, if we live every day, we should also try and celebrate every day. Weather that means watching a great movie in the evening, having a party in the shower with extra-special shower cream or just always trying to see the positive aspect in a thing. I am finally getting back into school work and I will do well, that’s my goal. I’ll do well with grades and still keep on blogging and sewing and reading and playing the ukulele and go out with my friends and plan new adventures. At the moment I am planning my summer vacation and that’s something, that can also lighten your mood. Take the time and don’t focus on the negativity around you the bad grade, the fight with a loved one or someone seriously ill. You are important as well and you deserve a good time while being here. Working towards the positivity will eventually pay out and you’ll have great memories for when it has been a hard day and you rest on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Take the time and think about what was good about every thing happening right now or that has happened and while sometimes it’s really hard to find something good (dead family etc), I am sure you could come up with something. You only need to accept it! And you are allowed to do so 100%. Take the time and focus on good things in life. DSC_0180DSC_0174DSC_0208DSC_0215DSC_0189DSC_0223


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