Red Lips and Bold Eyebrows


Hey Friends,

this is my first beauty-post on this blog and so this is also my kickstart to pamper myself more and try around makeup and stuff like that. I think this looks quite nice and I have been loving wearing lipstick (even to school), but I have to admit, I haven’t had any on in weeks, so let’s get back to that! Normally I don’t color in my eyebrows and if I would, I wouldn’t do them as strongly as this, but I wanted to achieve a Audrey Hepburn-like look, so I played around with what I had at home. And what I had was eyeliner in brown. I don’t think it is the ideal product to use, but it did the job, just to test it! My lashes are naturally quite curly and long, but I like to enhance it even more by applying some mascara. This one is by Kiko and it is supposed to nourish the lashes, instead of break them. Last year I wore a Maybelline mascara nearly every day and it really made my lashes shorter, they only grew to my normal length, when I made a mascara pause. But they looked really good, like fake lashes, but unfortunately, not very healthy. On my skin I wore the BB Cream from The Body Shop, which adapts to your skin color and I really like the texture of it, it’s very creamy and it is so easy to apply with the fingers. Very spreadable and it also cover a little bit, my skin definitely looks more radiant and clear after I applied it. My lipstick is also from The Body Shop, and I am planning to grow my color range this year.

What is your favorite or everyday makeup-look?



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