Munich Places|collab with Arianna


Hey Friends, today I share with you my very favorite places in Munich, round one, and hopefully I’ll experience and see many new things in my hometown this year, so that there will be a round two one day! This is a collar with my friend Arianna from RosyVogue, she is amazing and wonderful and the sweetest person, please visit her page and give her a cheeky little follow as she shares with you her favorite places in her hometown, visit her blog to find out where it is! (mysterious…) She also blogs about fashion, beauty, does interviews and talks about stings like creativity or what she loves.

Now let’s get exploring Munich, the heart of Bavaria.

1. Above you can see a place, I’ve aways dreamed of living in. It is so quiet and peaceful there, it almost feels like the cosy home of the Weasleys. It is located in the “Au” in the “Am Wageeck” street. Whoever lives there will haunt me. Generally is the Au a very special place in the heart of the city, where there are still small houses and people actually live in there. It feels like you are a bit on the countryside – just a bit tough.DSC_0052DSC_0050DSC_00482. The “Auer Dult” is four times a year in Munich at the Maria-Hilf-Platz, normally there is a food market on Wednesdays, but when you are lucky and visit the city at one of the dates, where it is, you can find anything from typical german food, international sweets, antiques, candles, soaps, kitchen supplies, like anything, there. I cannot go off the market without my beloved turkish nougat, it reminds me of times, when I went with my mom and I had to buy it at the same stand-it’s the same line-up every time!DSC_0039DSC_0040DSC_0047DSC_0044DSC_0045DSC_0043DSC_0041DSC_00773. This is a small place just kind of below the bridge and every time I look at it, it reminds me of a quiet, mysterious place, where I would meet my best friend as a kid. It is on the Corneliusbrücke (bridge).DSC_0038DSC_0037neu4. My favorite place to get away from all the stress of the city has got to be the Isar, especially when it is cold and misty outside. On sunny days it’s perfect for enjoying sun while having a long walk, but it’s also so crowded then. On bad rainy days, you are only going to see the one or two obligatory dog walker.DSC_0036DSC_00325. I love letters and postcards and everything you get in the mail. This is how a Munich/german letterbox looks like – in case you were searching for one, like I always am in foreign countries.DSC_00306. I love the tiny shops at and around the Gärtnerplatz, like the sign from above says “Choose yourself”. Down is the Gärtnerplatztheater (theatre), which will open soon, again, hopefully, as it is being renovated currently.DSC_0023DSC_00277. Best. Food-Bookshop. Ever. Reichenbachstraße 15, 80469 MünchenDSC_0020DSC_0019DSC_00178. The best pizzeria in Munich is in my opinion my long-loved Monaco. It is located in the Reichenbachstraße 10, 80469 München – get anything from the menu and you won’t regret it! It has gotten a little pricey, tough.

After your glorious meal, you don’t want to miss the best gelato of Munich, don’t you? They have so, so so many favors to choose from, so delicious-especially when it is sunny and a long, long crowd around the Al Teatro wanting a ice cream cone! It is located just in front of the Monaco (pizzeria).DSC_0016neu9. This old cinema, the Museum Lichtspiele, is iconic here (best smelling cinema there is!) – it has been screening the Rocky Horror Show every weekend for I think over 25 years, yet I still haven’t managed to visit it, but I will this year! It is located in the Lilienstraße 2, 81669 München.DSC_006210. If you wanna have a little swim, visit my favorite swimming place, the Müllersche Volksbad, it is really old and it looks so cool, when you are inside, do try it out and have a look yourself! It is located in the Rosenheimer Str. 1, 81667 München.

DSC_006311. This was my old favorite place to go when my brain was too fill- a kind-of tree house. Don’t try it when it is slippery and wet (!), it is dangerous enough as it is, but I loved sitting at he end of the tree and just forgetting about time with my friend while eating marshmallows. It is located at the Praterinsel (you have to search for a bit, it is located more under the DAV Museum and you’ll have to go a little further into the woods).DSC_006612. If you go even further, there is the not-so-dangerous place, that I love to hang out, when it is not flooded with water, you can actually sit on the stones and watch the river Isar, it almost feels like you are sitting on the water, then!DSC_0065


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