Spring sunshine


What I am wearing: Vero Moda dress, Primark tights (thick), Zara shoes, handmade cardigan, vintage jacket, vintage pin (mask) and Kate Gabrielle pin (clearly we’re soldiers in petticoats)

Hello Friends,

today I share a outfit that I wore yesterday and that my dear friend Kathi from teepueppchen.wordpress.com took for me. She has the most amazing blog and outfits, it’s all vintage and retro and handmade and stuff. Thanks again for explaining the two words two me, again, Kathi. Did you know that there is a WHOLE difference between retro and vintage? It’s really interesting.

At the moment I feel very very tired and drained, because I never seem to have time for myself or just to do nothing, well and I wouldn’t be good at it either way, but I spend my only free time with sleeping. Still, I am so excited (more so when school is over ha) and I cannot wait to move. I have it all planned out, there’s basically no time left in the next 4 weeks, like none. I wouldn’t know where to put a new meeting or anything else, I am looking for the smallest holes in my schedule, so that I can make something that I like and that makes me happy, so that I don’t get too stressed out by all the school, moving, therapy and other stuff around me. I am very productive, but I feel my eyes closing in french classes, not good, probably. At least today’s weather is so nice and I want to start posting more Instagram posts again, with a nice theme, that I am actually proud of, hopefully. And 3 times a week, because there isn’t more time on the blog and we can all see how the one post every day went…I didn’t post for a whole week after that week of posting every freaking day. Too much effort, hehe, but it makes me happy nevertheless.

What are you up to in the springtime?

Love always.



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