Augsburg Haul|Lingerie, Fabric & co


Hello friends,

these are my finds from the lovely city Augsburg, where I went to a few weeks ago. I am sorry it takes all so long, but I am so so busy, like a little bee and it’s so nice out, so I trie and take in as much sunshine as possibly, but I won’t stop blogging! It’s just too nice to listen to great music outside and read new book and be young and free and be positive and negative and have hard times and happy times. Let’s see what I bought tough, just scroll through!


Lingerie from Intimissimi 

I have loved wearing their bras in the last weeks, they are just so so comfortable and make such good-looking breasts, ha! What more do we want, comfort and prettyness, just look at these colors. And no, I am not ashamed to unwrap myself from all clothing but my underwear in public as to get more chances of browning. But don’t ask me what I spend at that shop, just don’t.DSC_0070

My friend and I also bought these spoon straws made of metal, which is so much better for the environment, because you can re-use it! Baby steps to a better planet. It is from the german brand WMF, and they make great silverware, too!

The tea is from a shop named Nature&Decouvertes, which is a very cool french shop with lots of gimmicks, books, tea and whatnot. This tea just smelled so great and I want to do a chai latte with it so badly!


The perfume is from Intimissimi and it’s called “Unica”.


Last but not least, lots of fabrics for two dresses and one jumpsuit, fingers crossed I#ll make them in my school break! I am really aching to wear ’em. They are all from the amazing store Augsburger Restehaus.



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