Back at it again


What I am wearing: Dressy Turtleneck, handmade skirt, Primark tights, Leho Ukulele, Colibris glasses

Dear Friends,

it has been so so long and I haven’t blogged, which I am very sad about, but has all been just a little too much and I still think that there are very few people who really know what I am exactly going trough, or have gone through.


You know sometimes I wake up and I can’t believe all the shit that happened last year, like deep shit, that I don’t want anyone ever experience and that I don’t want to ever have to go through again. So I wake up in my new old flat, fully decorated room, that just screams creativity and I can’t help but think too much. So, that is what I thought to myself: Blog again, it always helps you clear out your thoughts and let you feel better, better at life and everything that is happening. I am caring for myself, so I lay in bed all day until now (It’s only 2 p.m., so it’s ok) watching this movie called clueless and the first episode of Miss Fisher’s. I haven’t done that in let me remember, must’ve been 2 months ago? Still I have so much on my to-watch list and especially movies or series, that help me get more inspired again. Because I am lacking in my fashion style at the moment and I am not.very.happy.about.it. I need new inspiration and let me tell you I am not where I want to be at, yet, style-wise, eating-wise, happy-wise and people-wise. I am just a little too straight-forward with a lot of people and I am planning a lot of dumb, very dumb things, they could help me or destroy me again, but at least I didn’t close my eyes from reality. I want to experience everything, so now I am also writing a very secret list of things I want to do this summer. Summer is a great time, it’s finally hot enough to wear dresses and shorts (which I have to sew, but I haven’t gotten to sew in ages and I hope I won’t let it fall, you know) and I have also some rules for myself, that I am going to share with you tomorrow. Rules to stay calm and well-behaved.

Today I give myself this day of watching tv on Netflix (a new thing I got myself and a few friends) and go out in the afternoon and just forget a little of some dumb things I did yesterday. Let me give you a hint: love.


Much LoveDSC_0036DSC_0007DSC_0002DSC_0014


3 thoughts on “Back at it again

    1. Thank you so much! This means a lot to, sure thing, your blog is so cool and I love how you try to post all the outfits you’ve ever worn! I’m following, maybe you even want to do a collar with me in the future! ❤

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