Drinking rules


What I am wearing: Topshop dungarees, old sweater, Primark tights, Kate Gabrielle pin (which is missing right now and I am so so sad about it, f**k moving houses)

Today is my first party ever, and in my new flat, which I find very exciting, but also completely scary, but I love all the people coming and completely trust them, so I trust it’ll be good. I miss my old flat mates, still my new ones are the best as well, there’s so much new to learn. Sharing my groceries and going out together and maybe getting a job and being alone again, taking up my hobbies again and going outside. It’s beautiful weather, but I just want to be home and not think and watch series, but I will not. I set myself this plan. A plan of what to do each day! It’ll be okay!

Much Love




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