Yellow line


What I am wearing: Handmade shirt, Zara leggings, Kate Gabrielle pin, Colibris glasses

Hey friends,

two weeks ago I watched my school theatre group perform the play yellow line and it was really good. Very funny and also very skurril, which I always like. These pictures reminded me of the play because of the yellow shirt, which I sewed myself. Speaking of sewing, my goal is to finally make my 3 dresses, but I am not sure if I’ll be able to get them done until school starts again. Furthermore I finally want to finish the books The Bookthief and Cinder. I am very far on both books, but all I do is sleep and do nothing for once, I am not sure, if it is good, but I guess I need this break to get back to the roots. At the moment I am eating salted peanuts and I’ve tried to clean my room after a party yesterday, but the vacuum cleaners are both not working, well… then I’ll just do creative stuff now instead. wish me luck, that I don’t die because of an overdose of salted peanuts.

Much Love




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