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Styling my Pixie Cut


What I am wearing: Zara crop top, Topshop dungarees

Halla Friends,

Today I show you how I style my very short pixie cut. I am no professional and I think I do it completely wrong to how my hair dresser advised me, but this is just the most convenient and was way – and people tell me it looks good, so I don’t care, haha.

The black and white pictures are just after I showered and washed my hair with the Garniers Maple Shampoo (I don’t use conditioner, because my hair is naturally really soft and has always been healthy without conditioner, I am not sue if it’s even wise to put Conditioner in such short hair), then I towel dried it. I just kind of scrub it with my towel, which people say isn’t good, but yet again, I don’t care. Now I look very messy and so we get to the next step of brushing it. I have two options that is do, I either brush it out, like the sleek 20’s style photos you see or I brush it out and then scrunch it up again with my hands, so that it is a little wilder and messy. For brushing it, I just use a normal plastic hair brush and brush everything down, including my pony onto my forehead, sometimes  I even flat it out with my hands afterwards. I have so many swirls in my hair and thats why it looks so flapper-like when it’s wet, but I also like it, because they have a nice swirl, when they are dry. When I was younger I had crazy curls and oh how I wish I had them back! The last photo is the one where I scrunched my hair again and made it a little messy, after brushing or scrunching, I just let it air-dry! Normally I wash my hair in the evening, but when it’s school break, I usually shower in the mornings. Everyone has days, when the hair doesn’t look quite right, but on those days I just let my hair how it is. It’s just normal that sometimes you have it flying everywhere, but not where you want it and normally after a few hours, they are a little more flat again!

To me this is the easiest cut I ever had and so many people told me that it really suits me, which I am very happy about! To me it was a act of change. I wanted to cut my hair short like this for years, but I never did it, because I was afraid of what other people thought about me, but now that I did it, it wasn’t that difficult and people really liked it. Those who matter, don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter! I have grown up so much with this do and I look so much older. I mean one year ago people guessed my age to 12 years (dafuq) and now I am a solid 18 or older, yay. I just want to look how I feel and well back then I kind of felt like 12, but now I have so much more responsibility and I do so much more again. I can only advise you to cut your hair to a pixie once in your life. Don’t follow the rules that society has set up for us gils/women, we can do the fuck we want and we can look how we want as well! For me, I’ll always be going back to this hairstyle if my hair is very unhealthy or I completely need a makeover. At the moment, I don’t want to cut it again, but I’d like to see how I can let it grow out into a short parisian bob. With bangs, like Mathilda from “The professional”, or even a little longer like Baby from “Dirty Dancing” or Marilyn Monroe, I’d love some curls again and maybe even a different hair color. At the moment (and for like forever) I am really into ginger and plain blond hair!

What is your hairstyle, or your inspo?


Much Love DSC_0236DSC_0248DSC_0250DSC_0254DSC_0257


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