Natural Makeup


Halla Friends,

today I show you my usual makeup, well it is my usual makeup, but I normally used the color adapting bb-cream from The body shop instead of Foundation. I am not sure if I really need it, but I only used a little tiny bit and I got some compliments on my look on that day, so I guess it just enhanced my features. Which is good, because I don’t like the overboard cake face looks, I like natural looks. A bit of eyeshadow or a signature lipstick is nice, too, but I wouldn’t exactly wear full face every day, just because I am too lazy, haha. How is it about you? I am just learning about 20-60 makeup looks and getting into makeup, really, so this is a start for me. I like it and I felt good with it. I love wearing lipstick, even if I don’t wear anything else, I think it makes everything more extraordinary, but on that day I just opted for lip balsam from l’Occitane.

This is what I used:

Catrice HD liquid  coverage foundation (blended it with a foundation brush)

Bronzer from Catrice in my cheekbones

Highlighter also from caprice on the top of my cheeks and under my eyebrows

Highlighter-pencil (old) on the inner corner of my eye and lower waterline

Mascara 30-day treatment from Kiko only on my upper lashes

Well that was it and I think it’s a good start, what do you think?

Much Love




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