Toucan Dress


What I am wearing: Handmade dress (fabric from Restehaus in Augsburg), pink Chucks, yellow socks (dunno), Colibris glasses {Pictures by Teepüppchen}

Halla Friends,

this is my new favorite greeting. Why? Because of Skam and the beautiful language Norwegian. If you haven’t yet started to watch this incredible series (currently my fa-vo-rite) please start! And don’t hesitate, if I love this series, you’ll too, because I don’t love all series, I really don’t.

The holidays are almost over, hell no, it’s Sunday and school starts again tomorrow. I think the hardest part will be to get up, you know I’ve tried getting up at 7 yesterday, but it took me 45 minutes to actually have my feet on the ground, I can’t go on like this! Maybe it’s because I went to bed later for two weeks, but well, I think I’ll get back into my routines! Speaking of routines, I am the queen of planning (and not doing…) and contemplating and routines. I always set myself up new goals, new unreachable goals, so what I am trying to say is, that I have new routines planned. Stay interested until Wednesday for my next post (this is a hint to a new routine ay!) Until then let’s admire this dress that I made in my school break. It actually didn’t take me too long and it wasn’t too difficult either, but I really have to practice more in making bodices, they are really hard to make. Still I think I am growing and well, I’ll take a trip to my library, to lent some good ol’ sewing books. I am not sure, if I want to leave the dress how it is, I think i am going to add a elastic band to the waist, so that is is more fittet, because it is actually inspired by the dress from Lalaland (this movie ahhh) and I want to shorten it, too, but firstly I’ll see how it looks fitted and then make some Cosplay photos and then contemplate again. Yup, I a contemplating, well if you want more contemplating, follow me on my Instagram _goldhaende_, I am the queen of ups and downs and I am not sure what my profile is about, but I guess, vintage outfits and sewing and food, like my three favorite things (leaving aside bicycling, reading, watching movies and series and painting, but I am so horrible in drawing right now, because I haven’t in months!).

Now let’s look at this dress and please tell me what you think of it!




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