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Halla Friends,

as I told you in my last post, I am contemplating, again!

Contemplating and sewing my life. This is also my new favorite word/phrase. Sewing my life together. I mean just read it and re-read it again and again, I’ve decided to live the life I imagine and that’s thanks to so many people, who you are going to read about next week this time!

Blog Content and Posting Schedule

I’ve finally decided, what I want my Instagram and Blog to be about. I’ve been struggling with my content these past weeks and I wasn’t at all happy, with what I created. I had so much inspiration, but I just didn’t feel happy about my outcome. Constantly comparing myself and making myself less, and that has got to stop! I now know, that at the moment and maybe in my far future even I want my content to go into retro and vintage fashion. That means, this is my blog about what I wore, entering the journey into 20s-60s fashion. Those are the decades, that (if I am hones with myself for like 8 years) inspire me the most and I love watching old movies, read old magazines and of old stories. The ladies and gents of those times are just the coolest of the block and it makes my heart flit and happy, when I wear clothes inspired or from that time! Let’s start this journey of 20s flapper sequins, 30s skirts, 40s trousers, 50s dresses and 60s rock n’ roll chic.

I am also trying to post regularly from now on, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 12 a.m will be a new post. I’ll post Outfits on Friday and Sunday and what is inspiring on my retro journey/sewing/diy-ing on Wednesdays, just some fun stuff while we have managed to get to the middle of the week! I hope to keep this up while posting at least once a day on Instagram, always  my outfit and something else if I have made/eaten nice food, seen a cool series or something, that inspires me, too! Wish me luck for that.




Yay! I want to get over this cooking slump, that I have been experiencing these past months (around 2 nayyyy) and I have ordered the classic french cookbook “Mastering the Art of french Cooking” by Julia Child. Yes, I did this after watching the genius movie Julie&Julia with Meryl Streep as Julia Child and yes I’ve gotten the plan to cook every recipe out of this book, but dear god, not in one year, I’ll give myself more time. If it’s just one recipe a week, then I am happy and enjoying some good french dishes. I mean who doesn’t love quiche, tartes, croissants, poulets etc.? Who? My friends are invited to join in my feasts!

Waking up

Next up I#ve got this plan not sleep in too long anymore, because when I’ve slept until 11 a.m. I am so tired, still and I cannot get my butt off to work a little. That’s maybe also a reason, why my time management isn’t the best at times, tough I do much stuff, but guess I could do with a little less stress. So waking up between 6 and 9 a.m. every day (around 6 for school days and around 8 for weekends and such). This is one task I guess.


Next up I really want to not only sew when I have school break, but also when I am in school, it should fit into my time management now and how else am I going to be happy, while improving my skills and providing content for my blog and my life?

Art , Books,Music and Fresh Air

I also want to make more art again, not like everyday, but I haven’t been drawing for like 6 months which isn’t satisfying at all. Like at all and I’ve become really bad, so let’s start that up again. Also I really want to play more on the Ukulele, but do you know this fact: I am so lazy. Get over it, gal! Now something that I let down a lot these past months is my love for reading, I’ve been getting into watching series and movies again, but I really want to read in the evening before I fall asleep, I think that’ll really calm me down, make me sleepy and ready for a next day. Finally I want to get outside everyday for at least 30 minutes, walking, riding my bike or even doing some sports, just some sun and fresh air would be good for my psyche.

Well it’s a lot, but now that I’ve gotten more time again, I really want to take on my hobbies again. The things that make me even happier!

Much Love.




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