Modern Flamingo 40s


What I am wearing: handmade one piece inspired by the wide legs of the 40s, vintage earrings, The Body Shop lipstick, Asos loafers, pictures by Teepüppchen

Halla Friends,

today you get to see my first pants, that I’ve successfully sewn myself! I’ve tried one pair before, but they turned out really bad. Now I am quiet happy with the outcome. It was much easier, because it is so freaking big and although for me it is inspired by the 40s wide legs, with the modern/pin-up twist of the quirky flamingo print, it is also really in style apparently, to wear really wide trousers. At least I see many people running around with it in my school and let’s just say, city students look after themselves and what they are wearing. So apparently I am a perfect example of a city student. But I don’t care that you see my bra straps on my photos, this is just authenticity, everyone sees the bra straps of other girls, because they are never where they should be : under the shirts.

My next tip for sewing your first pair of anything is to use elastic band if it doesn’t fit at the waist, it makes every catastrophe good, really it is a life saver! And have some breaks, listen to music, stop if nothing works out any more, maybe the next day or after you’ve slept/eaten a bit. I am just starting with getting more experienced, but I’ll be sharing all my tips on here. Next stop : the library for sewing books.

The fabric I got in Augsburg at the Restehaus and they have so so many great fabrics, it is unreal! Do visit this amazing city and make a schort sidekick for this shop, even if you don’t sew, you can get inspired by all the prints, colors, textures! I am always looking for good fabrics and so it was great for me, that I got some from a nice lady a week ago, be aware of what I am going to sew out of it! My next project is very difficult tough, so it might take me a while (well it woudn’t take my bestie Kathi a while, but as a starter, it will, haha).

What are you doing at the moment?

Much Love.








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