Blooming Head|diy


Halla Friends,

how ya doing? Today I share with you a little diy combined with ways to wear it: A flower crown. Actually it wasn’t that hard, but I’d really recommend you to use a different glue, than I did and you don’t need that many flowers, you really don’t.

I’ve been seeing those for so many years and I’ve always wanted one, but never made one, why? I don’t know, because they are just beautiful and completely cool. I am hoping to wear them to school one day! Now enjoy the inspo and the tutorial.

You need: fake flowers (dollar store/euro shop), (hot) glue (I used superglue and it wasn’t easy, especially getting it the glue OFF MY HANDS), a headpiece/band/ring, scissors

Use your scissors to cut off all the branches from the fake flowers, you want the tops and also the leaves. Then each arrange it on your headpiece and glue it on, I started with the biggest flower and added leaves for coverage and difference. Have fun!


I’ve worn it with a pink dress with a peter pan collar and added red lips to the look. I like, that the lipstick matches with the flowers!


Much Love.




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