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Liked body parts


Halla friends,

today comes the second episode of this kind of Body Positivity posts. Well last time I talked about exactly 5 parts I didn’t like about my outward appearance and to cheer it all up, today come the 5 things, that I really like about it!

  • Eyes

I’ve always really liked the shape of my eyes, they are a almond shape and I also really like my eye color, they have a really nice marble swirl, which looks really pretty and I always liked my lashes, for they are naturally very long and when I apply mascara, people think I wear fake lashes, haha! So my glasses are hiding my eyes a little bit and I’ve always been self-concious about having to wear glasses, but I love my new frames and I am never going back to contacts again (well not on a daily basis, I think) because after one year of wearing them, they really hurt my eyes. I am on the lookout for another pair of cute vintage inspired glasses to add to my collection and to be a bee to switch it all up a bit. Never be ashamed of your glasses, braces, ear-aids, or anything that helps your health or helps you in any way!

  • Lips

Many people have told me, that I have a nice lip shape. Well I wasn’t so sure for a long time, I always wanted bigger lips, like Candice Swanepoel or some supermodel, but thankful enough, I am just me with my lips. And I’ve grown to like them now, I thin they are quite nicely proportioned and what really helped me, is to embrace them with lipstick! It’s my favorite makeup-item, as it changes so much and makes me really happy to wear. There are so many colors, it brings out every lip shape and draws attention to the lips, too! I like my lips now, especially with a deep berry lipstick applied!

  • Hair

For this I mean all my body hair. I am okay with it, surely I have time when I wish I had my childhood curls back again (that wish is so real right now), and I also love ginger hair, but I’ve always liked my hair color and also how it falls. I now really like my swirls, because they add a little funk to my head and I also like how my hair feels. It is really healthy and soft and I don’t even use conditioner. My hair has gotten darker and darker over the years, which is really weird, but I always loved how it had that golden shimmer in the sun! I am really experimental when it comes to hair cuts. I basically had every length by now and I love my pixie how I like my shoulder-leigh hair! Coloring your hair mustn’t mean, you are hating it, just that you’re evolving and trying the most you can! It has got nothing to do with hating the hair.

  • Belly and Waist

I actually like my belly and waist. I don’t see nothing wrong with to, sure I have my trouble after a great feast, when I have a food baby, but other than that, I was never like “look at my fat there, and there” and squeeze every little fat like it shouldn’t belong there. My waist has a nice curve, which is very feminine and which I like. While I like my belly, I don’t really like my legs/hips, but I am going to change that into loving the whole curve, not only the one, that looks tiny! I want to look like me and feel like me again. I have to admit, that at 14 I knew more of myself and knew more of what I wanted to do with my life and while I was already struggling with my figure, I never thought of not eating in order to lose my weight. I was me in my healthy happy beautiful state! Let’s embrace ALL of our flaws, gals (and guys!).




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