Moving On|Room diy’s


Halla Friends,

today it’s finally time for another moving progress post! Yes I know I am already done with my moving, but some of you were really interested in what I wanted to do, so I am sharing 4 little diy’s today for room furniture, vintage inspired of course, because you know me! Hope you are a excited for it as I am, I’ve already gotten so many compliments on my stuff, and in my opinion it wasn’t at all difficult to make, cheap as well, so let’s get crafting!

Seashell Earrings-Holder

This isn’t really a crafting-project, but I upcycled my old seashells, that were really big (too big for another diy in this post) and now use them as the containers for my earrings. It’s as easy as that, grab your old seashells (or buy them a flea market or somewhere where they sell seashells) and put your little teeny tiny stuff in there, so pretty and now I am more tempted to change it up more often!




Now if you don’t want to ruin your vintage suitcase (that reminds me A LOT of Newt Scamanders), here’s the solution: Just use an old table, that might even be really low and small, as long as your suitcase fits onto it. Mine is overlapping at the sides as well, but I really like it that way, because you can’t see the edges too much! Then put anything in there, mostly stuff you don’t need everyday (for me, there are ALL my fabrics stored) and put your other stuff you need near your bed on top. You can even put boxes beneath the table, it’s so much space!

Fun Fact: Behind my boxes are actually two bottles of wine, that my mom bought my dad (one for him) and her (one for her) the year I was born and that she ave my dad to be drunk when I turn 18. We still haven’t done it, but it’ll be soon! I wonder if they even taste good anymore, because they were really badly bedded.


Hat Storage

Now this is my solution to my constantly growing hat-collection. I’ve grown to love hats in the winter time and I am planning on adding summer ones to my collection as well! It’s as simple as this: I took three cords (that you use to wrap a packet for more safety) and braided them, they should have about the length where you want to hang it up. This takes approximately the most time. then you hang it up and use wood pegs to hand up your hats! Done, no mess, happy hat-wearing.




This is probably the most difficult one, you need old vinyls (it would be best in the 3 different sizes, but I could only find two and it works as well), oval metal Rods with central holes (I got mine here), a oven and oven-proof bowls (ceramic)

Preheat your oven 50-75 grad celsius, turn around the bowl, so the bottom is facing you, then place the records on top of the bowl and put it into the oven. Have an eye out of it, it should form in a few minutes, then quickly (!!!) get em out, form them a little with your fingers and let them cool on top of the bowl. Repeat it two more times and thats it! Now you put together all three into a étagère . You can also leave the bowl (you can’t put them into the dishwasher or wash them with hot water as they might deform a little then!

I am storing my makeup in there now, but before that I used it for my fruits and spices. Have fun with all the day’s and let me know what you think of them!

Much Love.




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