The 1975 concert



{Glitter ,glue from Kiko, on my cheeks and tip of the nose, I felt a little like rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, no makeup besides the glitter as it was so hot and everything would’ve melted anyways!}

Halla Friends,

I need to share this experience with the world, because it was my first real concert ever. Yes I am 18, no I am not ashamed of that fact, that at 18 it was my first. This year is just filled with firsts and new experiences and I have to say, I was so scared, that I would get a panic attack, but I did not. That’s life, my friends, going to a concert of a band you like and enjoying every moment of it without problems, without your psyche going crazy like always! I have to admit, I am not the hu-gest fan of the 1975, but I really like their music and so it was perfect, because if I wouldn’t have felt good, I could have gone without really crying, because it’s not like Angus&Julia Stone or Lorde or Jose Gonzalez or Birdie or all the other nice bands/musicians out there. It was the perfect opportunity to test it all out. This was the sleepless Saturday for me:

  1. Get in bed at 1 a.m in the morning after a birthday party
  2. Get u at half past 4 a.m in the morning to drive to the concert hall
  3. Wait for 7 hours in front of the concert hall to get special tickets in order to get in before anyone else
  4. Go to a flea market at 1 p.m and spend all your money on vintage/retro things
  5. Go home, shower and make a lunch pack
  6. Wait in front of the concert call yet again at 4 p.m
  7. Eat while you wait in line
  8. Get in at around 5:30 p.m and wait another hour until the first band starts to perform for half an hour
  9. Witt until 7 p.m until the magic happens and you can enjoy everything from the third row!
  10. Go to bed at half past 11 p.m and sleep

In total, I’ve slept 6 out of 24 h on that day. Graceful tiredness following the next day(s). Totally worth it tough, I enjoyed the atmosphere so so much, everyone happy, singing and beautiful as everyone put on nice makeup. They all had such a cool fashion style- grunge and rock-ish, not m style anymore, but still really cool! I was a little bit overwhelmed by all the beautiful girls and there were so little guys, haha! But I think I’ll get used to all these ‘cool’ kids by the next concerts.

Next Stop(s): Angus & Julia Stone and Lorde !

Which concerts have you attended so far? Have you dressed up like we did? Where are you going next/want to really go?

Much Love.







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