Blooming Head|diy


Halla Friends,

how ya doing? Today I share with you a little diy combined with ways to wear it: A flower crown. Actually it wasn’t that hard, but I’d really recommend you to use a different glue, than I did and you don’t need that many flowers, you really don’t.

I’ve been seeing those for so many years and I’ve always wanted one, but never made one, why? I don’t know, because they are just beautiful and completely cool. I am hoping to wear them to school one day! Now enjoy the inspo and the tutorial.

You need: fake flowers (dollar store/euro shop), (hot) glue (I used superglue and it wasn’t easy, especially getting it the glue OFF MY HANDS), a headpiece/band/ring, scissors

Use your scissors to cut off all the branches from the fake flowers, you want the tops and also the leaves. Then each arrange it on your headpiece and glue it on, I started with the biggest flower and added leaves for coverage and difference. Have fun!


I’ve worn it with a pink dress with a peter pan collar and added red lips to the look. I like, that the lipstick matches with the flowers!


Much Love.



Modern Flamingo 40s


What I am wearing: handmade one piece inspired by the wide legs of the 40s, vintage earrings, The Body Shop lipstick, Asos loafers, pictures by Teepüppchen

Halla Friends,

today you get to see my first pants, that I’ve successfully sewn myself! I’ve tried one pair before, but they turned out really bad. Now I am quiet happy with the outcome. It was much easier, because it is so freaking big and although for me it is inspired by the 40s wide legs, with the modern/pin-up twist of the quirky flamingo print, it is also really in style apparently, to wear really wide trousers. At least I see many people running around with it in my school and let’s just say, city students look after themselves and what they are wearing. So apparently I am a perfect example of a city student. But I don’t care that you see my bra straps on my photos, this is just authenticity, everyone sees the bra straps of other girls, because they are never where they should be : under the shirts.

My next tip for sewing your first pair of anything is to use elastic band if it doesn’t fit at the waist, it makes every catastrophe good, really it is a life saver! And have some breaks, listen to music, stop if nothing works out any more, maybe the next day or after you’ve slept/eaten a bit. I am just starting with getting more experienced, but I’ll be sharing all my tips on here. Next stop : the library for sewing books.

The fabric I got in Augsburg at the Restehaus and they have so so many great fabrics, it is unreal! Do visit this amazing city and make a schort sidekick for this shop, even if you don’t sew, you can get inspired by all the prints, colors, textures! I am always looking for good fabrics and so it was great for me, that I got some from a nice lady a week ago, be aware of what I am going to sew out of it! My next project is very difficult tough, so it might take me a while (well it woudn’t take my bestie Kathi a while, but as a starter, it will, haha).

What are you doing at the moment?

Much Love.







Toucan Dress


What I am wearing: Handmade dress (fabric from Restehaus in Augsburg), pink Chucks, yellow socks (dunno), Colibris glasses {Pictures by Teepüppchen}

Halla Friends,

this is my new favorite greeting. Why? Because of Skam and the beautiful language Norwegian. If you haven’t yet started to watch this incredible series (currently my fa-vo-rite) please start! And don’t hesitate, if I love this series, you’ll too, because I don’t love all series, I really don’t.

The holidays are almost over, hell no, it’s Sunday and school starts again tomorrow. I think the hardest part will be to get up, you know I’ve tried getting up at 7 yesterday, but it took me 45 minutes to actually have my feet on the ground, I can’t go on like this! Maybe it’s because I went to bed later for two weeks, but well, I think I’ll get back into my routines! Speaking of routines, I am the queen of planning (and not doing…) and contemplating and routines. I always set myself up new goals, new unreachable goals, so what I am trying to say is, that I have new routines planned. Stay interested until Wednesday for my next post (this is a hint to a new routine ay!) Until then let’s admire this dress that I made in my school break. It actually didn’t take me too long and it wasn’t too difficult either, but I really have to practice more in making bodices, they are really hard to make. Still I think I am growing and well, I’ll take a trip to my library, to lent some good ol’ sewing books. I am not sure, if I want to leave the dress how it is, I think i am going to add a elastic band to the waist, so that is is more fittet, because it is actually inspired by the dress from Lalaland (this movie ahhh) and I want to shorten it, too, but firstly I’ll see how it looks fitted and then make some Cosplay photos and then contemplate again. Yup, I a contemplating, well if you want more contemplating, follow me on my Instagram _goldhaende_, I am the queen of ups and downs and I am not sure what my profile is about, but I guess, vintage outfits and sewing and food, like my three favorite things (leaving aside bicycling, reading, watching movies and series and painting, but I am so horrible in drawing right now, because I haven’t in months!).

Now let’s look at this dress and please tell me what you think of it!




Yellow line


What I am wearing: Handmade shirt, Zara leggings, Kate Gabrielle pin, Colibris glasses

Hey friends,

two weeks ago I watched my school theatre group perform the play yellow line and it was really good. Very funny and also very skurril, which I always like. These pictures reminded me of the play because of the yellow shirt, which I sewed myself. Speaking of sewing, my goal is to finally make my 3 dresses, but I am not sure if I’ll be able to get them done until school starts again. Furthermore I finally want to finish the books The Bookthief and Cinder. I am very far on both books, but all I do is sleep and do nothing for once, I am not sure, if it is good, but I guess I need this break to get back to the roots. At the moment I am eating salted peanuts and I’ve tried to clean my room after a party yesterday, but the vacuum cleaners are both not working, well… then I’ll just do creative stuff now instead. wish me luck, that I don’t die because of an overdose of salted peanuts.

Much Love



Drinking rules


What I am wearing: Topshop dungarees, old sweater, Primark tights, Kate Gabrielle pin (which is missing right now and I am so so sad about it, f**k moving houses)

Today is my first party ever, and in my new flat, which I find very exciting, but also completely scary, but I love all the people coming and completely trust them, so I trust it’ll be good. I miss my old flat mates, still my new ones are the best as well, there’s so much new to learn. Sharing my groceries and going out together and maybe getting a job and being alone again, taking up my hobbies again and going outside. It’s beautiful weather, but I just want to be home and not think and watch series, but I will not. I set myself this plan. A plan of what to do each day! It’ll be okay!

Much Love



Back at it again


What I am wearing: Dressy Turtleneck, handmade skirt, Primark tights, Leho Ukulele, Colibris glasses

Dear Friends,

it has been so so long and I haven’t blogged, which I am very sad about, but has all been just a little too much and I still think that there are very few people who really know what I am exactly going trough, or have gone through.


You know sometimes I wake up and I can’t believe all the shit that happened last year, like deep shit, that I don’t want anyone ever experience and that I don’t want to ever have to go through again. So I wake up in my new old flat, fully decorated room, that just screams creativity and I can’t help but think too much. So, that is what I thought to myself: Blog again, it always helps you clear out your thoughts and let you feel better, better at life and everything that is happening. I am caring for myself, so I lay in bed all day until now (It’s only 2 p.m., so it’s ok) watching this movie called clueless and the first episode of Miss Fisher’s. I haven’t done that in let me remember, must’ve been 2 months ago? Still I have so much on my to-watch list and especially movies or series, that help me get more inspired again. Because I am lacking in my fashion style at the moment and I am not.very.happy.about.it. I need new inspiration and let me tell you I am not where I want to be at, yet, style-wise, eating-wise, happy-wise and people-wise. I am just a little too straight-forward with a lot of people and I am planning a lot of dumb, very dumb things, they could help me or destroy me again, but at least I didn’t close my eyes from reality. I want to experience everything, so now I am also writing a very secret list of things I want to do this summer. Summer is a great time, it’s finally hot enough to wear dresses and shorts (which I have to sew, but I haven’t gotten to sew in ages and I hope I won’t let it fall, you know) and I have also some rules for myself, that I am going to share with you tomorrow. Rules to stay calm and well-behaved.

Today I give myself this day of watching tv on Netflix (a new thing I got myself and a few friends) and go out in the afternoon and just forget a little of some dumb things I did yesterday. Let me give you a hint: love.


Much LoveDSC_0036DSC_0007DSC_0002DSC_0014


Audrey vibes


Uh another outfit with my long hair, still. When am I going to post something with my new/old pixie, please?

What I am wearing: Topshop Joni trousers, Pull&Bear top, Easy necklace, H&M socks, Zara shoes, Colibris glasses, handmade sweater by my grannyP1040361P1040367P1040373P1040383P1040375P1040364P1040352P1040440P1040541P1040551


Spring sunshine


What I am wearing: Vero Moda dress, Primark tights (thick), Zara shoes, handmade cardigan, vintage jacket, vintage pin (mask) and Kate Gabrielle pin (clearly we’re soldiers in petticoats)

Hello Friends,

today I share a outfit that I wore yesterday and that my dear friend Kathi from teepueppchen.wordpress.com took for me. She has the most amazing blog and outfits, it’s all vintage and retro and handmade and stuff. Thanks again for explaining the two words two me, again, Kathi. Did you know that there is a WHOLE difference between retro and vintage? It’s really interesting.

At the moment I feel very very tired and drained, because I never seem to have time for myself or just to do nothing, well and I wouldn’t be good at it either way, but I spend my only free time with sleeping. Still, I am so excited (more so when school is over ha) and I cannot wait to move. I have it all planned out, there’s basically no time left in the next 4 weeks, like none. I wouldn’t know where to put a new meeting or anything else, I am looking for the smallest holes in my schedule, so that I can make something that I like and that makes me happy, so that I don’t get too stressed out by all the school, moving, therapy and other stuff around me. I am very productive, but I feel my eyes closing in french classes, not good, probably. At least today’s weather is so nice and I want to start posting more Instagram posts again, with a nice theme, that I am actually proud of, hopefully. And 3 times a week, because there isn’t more time on the blog and we can all see how the one post every day went…I didn’t post for a whole week after that week of posting every freaking day. Too much effort, hehe, but it makes me happy nevertheless.

What are you up to in the springtime?

Love always.