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Liked body parts


Halla friends,

today comes the second episode of this kind of Body Positivity posts. Well last time I talked about exactly 5 parts I didn’t like about my outward appearance and to cheer it all up, today come the 5 things, that I really like about it!

  • Eyes

I’ve always really liked the shape of my eyes, they are a almond shape and I also really like my eye color, they have a really nice marble swirl, which looks really pretty and I always liked my lashes, for they are naturally very long and when I apply mascara, people think I wear fake lashes, haha! So my glasses are hiding my eyes a little bit and I’ve always been self-concious about having to wear glasses, but I love my new frames and I am never going back to contacts again (well not on a daily basis, I think) because after one year of wearing them, they really hurt my eyes. I am on the lookout for another pair of cute vintage inspired glasses to add to my collection and to be a bee to switch it all up a bit. Never be ashamed of your glasses, braces, ear-aids, or anything that helps your health or helps you in any way!

  • Lips

Many people have told me, that I have a nice lip shape. Well I wasn’t so sure for a long time, I always wanted bigger lips, like Candice Swanepoel or some supermodel, but thankful enough, I am just me with my lips. And I’ve grown to like them now, I thin they are quite nicely proportioned and what really helped me, is to embrace them with lipstick! It’s my favorite makeup-item, as it changes so much and makes me really happy to wear. There are so many colors, it brings out every lip shape and draws attention to the lips, too! I like my lips now, especially with a deep berry lipstick applied!

  • Hair

For this I mean all my body hair. I am okay with it, surely I have time when I wish I had my childhood curls back again (that wish is so real right now), and I also love ginger hair, but I’ve always liked my hair color and also how it falls. I now really like my swirls, because they add a little funk to my head and I also like how my hair feels. It is really healthy and soft and I don’t even use conditioner. My hair has gotten darker and darker over the years, which is really weird, but I always loved how it had that golden shimmer in the sun! I am really experimental when it comes to hair cuts. I basically had every length by now and I love my pixie how I like my shoulder-leigh hair! Coloring your hair mustn’t mean, you are hating it, just that you’re evolving and trying the most you can! It has got nothing to do with hating the hair.

  • Belly and Waist

I actually like my belly and waist. I don’t see nothing wrong with to, sure I have my trouble after a great feast, when I have a food baby, but other than that, I was never like “look at my fat there, and there” and squeeze every little fat like it shouldn’t belong there. My waist has a nice curve, which is very feminine and which I like. While I like my belly, I don’t really like my legs/hips, but I am going to change that into loving the whole curve, not only the one, that looks tiny! I want to look like me and feel like me again. I have to admit, that at 14 I knew more of myself and knew more of what I wanted to do with my life and while I was already struggling with my figure, I never thought of not eating in order to lose my weight. I was me in my healthy happy beautiful state! Let’s embrace ALL of our flaws, gals (and guys!).



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Disliked Body Parts

DSC_0085Halla friends,

this post is a Body Positivity post, even tough the title doesn’t seem like it. Let me explain the situation. Every human being and maybe even the animals and plants (I mean who knows?) have parts of their body, that they don’t like. I’ve never met anyone com-plete-ly happy with how they look and that’s something I think girls struggle with even more than boys. But I can’t be sure since I am just a complaining girl, but my friends all have little parts, that they try to hide. because they are embarrassed of them. So this isn’t very easy for me, but I am going to list my most unliked Body Parts and then I am going to get over my embarrassment and show them to the world. I want to turn my thoughts around and make the flaws my lovely little beauty marks, that make me me. I want to fully accept myself. This is a journey, showing it in school, my friends, even crushes and such. I think it’ll be difficult, but the more I’ll do it, the easier it always gets and I’ll be 10 steps better at long myself how I am and not comparing too much anymore. I want to be myself and not live someone else’s life or ambitions. So here we go on this journey. Feel free to comment your disliked body parts and go with me on this journey!

  • My feet

I have always hated my feet. For as long as I can remember and I’ve always tried to hide them. Even when it was in the middle of summer and everyone was sweating, I was wearing socks and sneaker, only so that no-one would see my feet. You know what I’ve never actually heard someone say to me, that they are this ugly and what if, that’s no reason for me to sweat my feet off and feel uncomfortable, so I bought myself (after years!) some sandals and I’ve even worn them with friends. I’ve also tried to keep a little care of my toenails and the skin, moisturizing it and painting them. They are no beauty for advertisement, but I don’t care anymore now, the people like you for how you are!2.

  • My hands

I’ve also always been quiet self-doubting about my hands, they are no beauty and I thought for a long time, they were fat, when in reality, I have really small and delicate hands and finders. I also think, that they do not look as bad as I’ve always thought, especially when I take care of them, cutten them short and painting them in a natural color, like you can see in the picture. Definitely no commercial beauty, but they actually make great things as the blog name “Goldhände” (golden hands).

What do you think of them?

  • My legs

They are my main “problem”, if such thing is a problem (thinking the non eating-disorder way). I always thought and often think they are too fat and chubby and short and all in all not beauty. I want to change this mind-set so badly, because it has driven me into a eating disorder as well and I only ever look if my legs are fat in this jeans or those and it is so bizarre. Why do I complain, they take me everywhere again (now that I am healthy) and they are me. Especially in the Vintage/Retro Community, curves like my hips and legs are greatly encouraged and nothing to be ashamed of. Every body type is liked in that community and that’s also one think I love so much about dressing pin-up, rockabilly, all the old decades. Of course some girls and boys inspired by those decades also have eating disorders, but it’s much better than on the high fashion runways (aka. Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, H&M, etc.) I don’t want to hide it under very long skirts and dresses, but it actually really brings out my waist, which is nice. I want to be able to wear shorts and mini-skirts and pants, as well as dresses and skirts! (I think this is the most common problem for girls, getting that “thigh gap”)

  • My red cheeks

Recently I’ve heard someone say, that whenever she drinks alcohol, her cheeks start to turn red and pink, like she’s on fire and she actually really loves it and finds it very cute! That’s the same for me, just like in my case it is normal. If it’s hot or cold or if I am stresses or something (or alcohol of course) I get this really blushed cheeks and I’ve always hated them. But why, some people even paint this shade on themselves, because of beauty standards or something. I always wanted to have just a slight blush, but my genes just are different. It was something I always thought why other couldn’t like me, but that’s rubbish, embrace the pink!

  • My breasts

My boobs are small, that’s no secret and I’ve always wanted bigger boobs and thinner legs. But that’s just not how it works, and when I lost weight, I didn’t have much breast at all any more. Now they are back to my normal and I am okay with it. I’ve seen many people with similar breasts, who have boyfriends and friends and they don’t care. I just mustn’t fit some standard! I like the size now, I think, or I am going to like it, fully!

Much Love.


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Girl Crushes

Halla Friends,

today I’ll talk about the most amazing gals, that I’ve yet discovered and that inspire me so so much! Let’s get going and support each other, girls! They all inspire me on other loves, too. It not just, they have such a unique, retro and vintage fashion style. They are creative, maybe awesome music, do cosplays, make brooches or even sew clothes themselves. Let’s all follow them and tell me who are your inspirations?

|| I've been wanting to listen to some new artists! Suggestions, anyone??💘||

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That’s it, finally, but I could go on like that for ever!

Much Love.

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Styling my Pixie Cut


What I am wearing: Zara crop top, Topshop dungarees

Halla Friends,

Today I show you how I style my very short pixie cut. I am no professional and I think I do it completely wrong to how my hair dresser advised me, but this is just the most convenient and was way – and people tell me it looks good, so I don’t care, haha.

The black and white pictures are just after I showered and washed my hair with the Garniers Maple Shampoo (I don’t use conditioner, because my hair is naturally really soft and has always been healthy without conditioner, I am not sue if it’s even wise to put Conditioner in such short hair), then I towel dried it. I just kind of scrub it with my towel, which people say isn’t good, but yet again, I don’t care. Now I look very messy and so we get to the next step of brushing it. I have two options that is do, I either brush it out, like the sleek 20’s style photos you see or I brush it out and then scrunch it up again with my hands, so that it is a little wilder and messy. For brushing it, I just use a normal plastic hair brush and brush everything down, including my pony onto my forehead, sometimes  I even flat it out with my hands afterwards. I have so many swirls in my hair and thats why it looks so flapper-like when it’s wet, but I also like it, because they have a nice swirl, when they are dry. When I was younger I had crazy curls and oh how I wish I had them back! The last photo is the one where I scrunched my hair again and made it a little messy, after brushing or scrunching, I just let it air-dry! Normally I wash my hair in the evening, but when it’s school break, I usually shower in the mornings. Everyone has days, when the hair doesn’t look quite right, but on those days I just let my hair how it is. It’s just normal that sometimes you have it flying everywhere, but not where you want it and normally after a few hours, they are a little more flat again!

To me this is the easiest cut I ever had and so many people told me that it really suits me, which I am very happy about! To me it was a act of change. I wanted to cut my hair short like this for years, but I never did it, because I was afraid of what other people thought about me, but now that I did it, it wasn’t that difficult and people really liked it. Those who matter, don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter! I have grown up so much with this do and I look so much older. I mean one year ago people guessed my age to 12 years (dafuq) and now I am a solid 18 or older, yay. I just want to look how I feel and well back then I kind of felt like 12, but now I have so much more responsibility and I do so much more again. I can only advise you to cut your hair to a pixie once in your life. Don’t follow the rules that society has set up for us gils/women, we can do the fuck we want and we can look how we want as well! For me, I’ll always be going back to this hairstyle if my hair is very unhealthy or I completely need a makeover. At the moment, I don’t want to cut it again, but I’d like to see how I can let it grow out into a short parisian bob. With bangs, like Mathilda from “The professional”, or even a little longer like Baby from “Dirty Dancing” or Marilyn Monroe, I’d love some curls again and maybe even a different hair color. At the moment (and for like forever) I am really into ginger and plain blond hair!

What is your hairstyle, or your inspo?


Much Love DSC_0236DSC_0248DSC_0250DSC_0254DSC_0257

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Body-positivity|Audrey Hepburn


What I am wearing: Tally Weijl skirt, handmade sweater (from my granny), Caledonia tights

You probably know Audrey Hepburn from the numerous movies she’s created and you probably also fell in love with her aesthetics, like I did. There was and sometimes still is, where I adored her to the point, that I idealized her too much. I had to look like her, had to be like her and had to have the same figure as her. Her style just was and is one of the greatest inspirations to me, I have filled my whole Pinterest board with photos of her, and I am naturally striving to copy her effortless, vintage, classic look, but at he same time, I thought I could only pull all that off, if I was as thin and lean and especially tall as her. All her dresses and skirts and trousers would only look good on me at a certain weight. And that certain weight wasn’t nearly my healthy weight, I weighted much too less, yes maybe, I had the same bmi as audrey did, but did that make me look like her? No. Simply because there is no way, that you can look completely like another person, especially if one only focusses oneself on the weight aspect (which was the biggest to me at that time). Let’s think about this whole situation: Why would I want to look like someone else, when I could just enhance myself and how I look? Why would I starve myself to a unhealthy weight, only to be ill and miserable and not good-looking then? Why do I set my icon, who did so much more than just look pretty, on a higher scale than myself? Aren’t we all worth the same and aren’t we all good enough just for being? Why should size or height or race or gender or anything even matter? Why does it in this society? I am asking myself these same questions every day and I always, always come to the conclusion, that there is so much more to life, than just beauty, a certain body shape and what you have eaten or not eaten on that day. Lemme tell you girl, I don’t think Miss Hepburn would be proud of us for trying to change ourselves and starving ourselves at a full-set table. We are living creatures that deserve every right to eat and express oneself, we need every body shape and we need to cherish every body shape and height and color and whatnot. It’s not healthy not to be at the weight your body is designed to naturally be, and who wants to be ill. I do not, thank you very much.